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Jonavin is a member of the Flaming Fist who is found standing in the street in front of Cordyr's Home in South Baldur's Gate. He will approach the party upon sight and inquire that they look lost and maybe could use some help. After some informative banter he'll leave and disappear.


You look lost, citizen. Can I be of any assistance?

1: Not so much lost as curious, officer. Have you any news on how close we are to war with Amn?
On the brink, I reckon. Angelo's been mobilizing the Fist for war and equipping us with solid weapons forged from good Iron Throne ore. It's a good thing that Angelo has such close ties to Sarevok or we'd be lost. And a good thing he's been there to take command, too, what with Duke Eltan sick.
3: One of the dukes is sick? What with?
Oh, I don't know. It can't be serious. His cleric, Rashad, is caring for him. If you wish to visit him, he's in his rooms at the Flaming Fist compound.
4: Hmm, this does not bode well at all.
We're the Flaming Fist, citizen. You need have no fear of those Amnian fools. If you doubt me, visit our barracks in the city. We are well prepared, I promise you.
2: No thank you, sir. I was just admiring the architecture.
Forgive my intrusion, then.

After #3 the following Journal entry will be made in the quest section under the title Duke Eltan's Illness:

I have learned that Duke Eltan, commander of the Flaming Fist, lies sick in bed at the Flaming Fist compound, tended to by his cleric Rashad. A man named Angelo seems to be acting in his stead, and, from all accounts, seems to be closely connected to Sarevok. I find myself overwhelmed with a sense of unease about this all. Sick or not, perhaps Duke Eltan has some answers for me.

After #4 the following Journal entry will be made in the quest section under the title The Rise of Sarevok:

Angelo has ordered the Flaming Fist to prepare for war, buying up all the weapons and armor available from the Iron Throne. Angelo has close ties to Sarevok. A search of the barracks might turn up proof of a conspiracy between them and reveal the truth behind Sarevok's scheme.