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This page is to detail Jon Irenicus as he appears in the Tree of Life scenario.

He is faced in battle upon a platform mounted to a gigantic branch of the Tree of Life in Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7. This is a mandatory plot encounter that can't be missed or optionally avoided.


The Irenicus creature file SUJON has all the dialogue and scripts and is activated when his previous creature form (SUJON2) is removed from the map when the final parasite is destroyed.

Irenicus is protected from overt destruction by most means since he has some file assigned immunities, but the MINHP1.ITM is also equipped. This is for plot preservation purposes and to ensure script integrity so the game will progress properly and not fail. The game design does not intend for the player to be able to kill this version of Irenicus before certain dialogue and globals are set.

After the various dialogue has played out with Gorion's Ward and Queen Ellesime - Irenicus eventually becomes hostile, and the battle begins. At this time the player can take control of the party and issue commands.

Jon will be able to apply a chain of protective buffs at the outset of hostilities (they aren't interruptible) to include Stoneskin, Absolute Immunity, Spell Shield, Spell Trap, and Protection From Energy.

During the battle, he is able to apply additional buffs by way of scripted contingency triggers that are initiated based on certain factors, such if he takes any damage. For instance, the first time he suffers any hit point damage a Contingency with Absolute Immunity, Spell Turning, Mislead and Spell Shield occurs. Note that the combat log won't show all these spells as being applied, and it will identify Protection From Magical Weapons instead of the actual spell Absolute Immunity.

The second time he takes damage a Stoneskin is instantly applied.

A Spell Trigger is scripted as well, when an enemy is seen, releasing a Monster Summoning III on the nearest enemy - and Fireshield (Red), Fireshield (Blue), Globe of Invulnerability, and Mislead upon himself.

A True Sight is forcecast (uniterupptible) after about three rounds into the battle.

Assuming Irenicus is still alive, he'll attempt a Time Stop if there are at least two members in the player's party. If the spell is successful, during the pause in time he'll cast Wail of the Banshee, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, and Maze at the nearest party member (if there are 3 party members), and just Wail of the Banshee and Horrid Wilting if there are only two party members. In both cases he'll also apply another Absolute Immunity to self.

If Jon is silenced, then a Vocalize countermeasure is scripted. If Jon detects a summoned creature, he'll attempt a Death Spell cast and can do so multiple times.

If a Mage Class party member is detected, a Spell Sequencer will be released at them, containing Spellstrike, Power Word, Kill, and Ice Storm.

There will be a second Time stop attempt if Irenicus is still functioning - and during the pause in time will cast Maze at the nearest detected enemy.

As for individual normal spell casting - Irenicus will target detected enemies (usually the closest to him) with all sorts of disabling and damaging spells, including: Prismatic Spray, Maze, Power Word, Kill, Sunfire, Power Word, Stun, Cone of Cold, Flame Arrow, Melf's Acid Arrow, and Magic Missile. These spells are subject to what's memorized in his spell book and are cast normally, and thus are interruptible.

When Jon's Hit points fall to 1, this triggers his death dialogue - and shortly thereafter a sequence of plot text, dialogue and a cut scene will transition the player's party to the next stage of the adventure (no time is allowed for the player to command or access the party during this period).

See The Abyss for the next section of the adventure.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod provides an updated and revised "Smarter Mage" script for Irenicus. He'll have a randomly assigned specialist mage kit assigned at the time of the mod's installation (either Conjurer, Enchanter, Invoker or Necromancer). The assigned kit governs the available AI script provided to irenicus.

New Minor Sequencer, Spell Sequencer and Spell Trigger are prepared and scripted for use.

Depending on the player's game difficulty selection (typically on "Hardcore" and "Insane") gives access to scripted High-level class ability use, such as Improved Alacrity and Summon Dark Planetar.

Irenicus can recognize most player active character protections and immunities with SCS, which modifies the script actions of Jon. For example, he may attempt to remove spell protections and or Combat protections with Remove Magic, Ruby Ray of Reversal, and Breach. He will not cast certain spells at a PC that has Protection From Magic Energy and select a different spell or another available detected target.

More frequent use of summoned help is likely, especially if Irenicus has a Conjurer kit, such as X2 Djinni at one time. More use of level 8 and 9 spells is scripted, with a larger variety, such as Wish and Gate (wizard).

Irenicus is furnished with two potions for use if damaged or to boost abilities.

With the Spell Revisions mod installed, the mage's spells will be the SR mod's version. This means that he'll likely be protected with spells such as Dispelling Screen, Non-Detection, and Moment of Prescience. These spells will make it difficult to penetrate his defenses, make it hard to target Jon, and reduce the ability to even strike him with even high-level warriors due to impressive armor class ratings well above -20 AC.

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