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This page is to detail Irenicus as he appears in the Battle with Irenicus in Spellhold scenario, which is part of the Escaping the asylum quest.

He is faced in battle in the Spellhold Basement laboratory in Chapter 4. This is a mandatory plot encounter that can't be missed or optionally avoided.


The Irenicus creature file PPIREN2 has all the dialogue to do with Irenicus in Spellhold beginning with Gorion's Ward awakening in the laboratory, his soul essence being drained, the post fourth dream dialogue, and finally the Spellhold battle.

Irenicus is protected from overt or accidental destruction by most means since he has some file assigned immunities, but the MINHP1.ITM is also equipped. This is for plot preservation purposes and to ensure script integrity so the game will progress properly and not fail. The game design does not intend for the player to be able to kill this version of Irenicus.

After the various dialogue has played out at the outset of the final battle with Irenicus in the laboratory, then the creature will actually become hostile.

Irenicus has two main scripts that he's using during the final battle. The first is PPJON.bcs. This will initiate the "Spawned Clones" of the party that occurs at the initial stages of the battle. Later on, when Irenicus has reached a "Near Death" damage state and certain dialogue is triggered, the script will destroy Aphril, Dradeel, Naljier Skal, Tiax and Wanev (unless they died before this). It also unlocks and opens the door to the laboratory to ensure that the Murderer creatures can enter.

The main script used by the AI to control Irenicus combat behavior is PPJON2.bcs

All of the spells mentioned in the InfoBox are scripted for use. Some of these are not interruptible and are applied regardless of any disruptions that might be occurring to the creature from potential damage suffered, or even if under the effects of Miscast Magic. However, plenty of his spells are cast like any mage would and can be interrupted or fouled by miscast magic.

Irenicus only attempts one Remove Magic during the entire battle, no other spell or combat protection removers are even attempted.

His script can't recognize and does not look for spell protections or items during the battle after the remove magic has been launched. He doesn't react to summoned creatures specifically.

Given that Irenicus is a 30th level mage, his script is actually very forgiving and not particularly robust in terms of damage dealing spells. The party will probably have to deal with a Horrid Wilting, a Power Word, Kill and a Stone to Flesh. Other offensive single target spells will also likely occur, and perhaps a Skeleton Warrior or spiders will be conjured.

When Irenicus's HP drops to near death, this triggers dialogue, the appearance of Yoshimo if he was a party member in Spellhold at one point, the attacking Murderer thieves, the killing of the inmates, and eventually his teleportation and escape.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.


When playing with the Sword Coast Stratagems mod, Irenicus as he appears in this battle is revised in several ways by the modification.

The mod randomly assigns a mage kit to spell casters when installing the game. It typically uses one of the four choices: Conjurer, Enchanter, Invoker or Necromancer. Irenicus will have an assigned specialty mage kit.

A new AI script replaces the PPJON2.bcs script provided in the base game. This new script implements the "Smarter Mages" component. This script vastly improves his ability to assess his enemies' protections and weaknesses so that appropriate spell casting is attempted to take advantage of that or to better protect himself.

Irenicus is provided with a larger memorized spell selection than the original game. For example, he has almost 40 level 6 through 9 spells scripted and memorized, as well as 4 mage High-level class ability uses.

He also has prepared a Minor Sequencer, Spell Sequencer and Spell Trigger scripted to instantly deploy.

Irenicus can recognize summoned creatures and can banish these (more than once) with a Death Spell.

Depending on the game difficulty selection, expect a Time Stop, Improved Alacrity, Dark Planetar, Comet and Dragon's Breath (spell). Irenicus can take down combat and spell protections with Dispel Magic (wizard), Breach, Ruby Ray of Reversal and Spellstrike.

If playing SCS with the Icewind Dale spells component, then Irenicus will have some of those in his repertoire.

With the Spell Revisions mod installed his spell versions will be the SR ones. SCS and SR are compatible and designed to work together.