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This page is to detail Jon Irenicus as he appears in the The Abyss scenario.

He is faced in battle upon setting the final Tears of Bhaal into the "Watcher's Door" or the "Abyssal Door" as it is also titled during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7, Part 2. This is a mandatory plot encounter that can't be missed or optionally avoided.

The InfoBox displays the creature which can be attacked and fought by the party, which has the Slayer Form appearance. Two other creature files used by Jon Irenicus in Hell are not documented because they are for plot purposes only during cutscenes or to display dialogue. Those files can never be attacked or harmed /affected in any way by the player.

So, we are to battle one last time. No more hiding for either of us.


Once the final Tear of Bhaal is mounted on the Abyssal Door, the game script initiates the door being opened, and the emergence of Irenicus. This is all portrayed in a cut scene sequence that repositions the party, plenty of 3D graphic animations and lighting effects are displayed, and a forced knock-back of the party members to simulate a massive explosive force.

Irenicus initiates dialogue, the bhaalspawn will have several dialogue selection options and replies available. All core Bioware and Beamdog companions have an interjection during this sequence as well.

Regardless of the various replies and pre-battle rhetoric - Irenicus attacks. The game script allows him to morph into a Slayer Form (Irencus's on screen label is now just "Slayer"). At the same time, two Glabrezu and two Balor demons are summoned and appear as his allies. This is all accomplished before the player can issue orders or control the party. (Ref: CUT85C.bcs)

Moments later, the battle begins, and the player may now take charge of the party members actions.

In general, the four demons are all 10-HD fiend versions - and they are not scripted to do anything except physical attacks. These demon versions are actually less powerful than other versions encountered anywhere else in the game series. As such, they are not a primary threat to the party. They also do not have the ability to see invisible or hidden party members by script.

The actions described in the InfoBox for Slayer-Irenicus are listed. It will be able to force-cast all of the preparatory and spell triggers/contingency spells without delay and aren't interruptible by any damage incurred by your foe. Individual attack spells from the slayer are subject to memorized quantity restrictions and can be interrupted.

The slayer will conduct spell casting and melee attacks if any party members get close to the creature. The game script provides a few periodic on map teleport moves to this creature. The creature will jump from one area of the map to another, at least twice during the battle. This gives the slayer time to cast a spell and to allow its passive 6 HP/s regeneration rate to heal some hit point damage.

The slayer's combat abilities in melee may prove daunting if a party member is repeatedly hit. The damage can be substantial. Be aware of this and take steps like Stoneskin, or use Hardiness and similar damage reduction spells when going toe to toe with the slayer.

Of note is the creature's lack of any means to remove magic or dispel any party buffs. It isn't scripted or able to Breach or take down any party protections or boosted abilities. As such, the party can stay immune and protected very well against the Slayer, and this will marginalize the actual risk to lose this battle, depending on the player's skill and group composition.

When the Slayer's HP's drop to 1, another cutscene will initiate. Irenicus has some final dying words, changes back to normal form from the Slayer, and is actually killed for real.

A cinematic will play focusing on Irenicus waking from his death in Hell. He finally gets his just punishment and fate. This transitions into a cut scene.

A cutscene moves forward to a show the revival of the party in Suldanessellar inside the Temple of Rillifane, with Queen Ellesime speaking and summarizing the recent events. Miraculously, the entire party has been extracted from Hell, and divinely made whole and healed. A host of elves is present in a ceremony that pays tribute to the brave adventurers, and the bhaalspawn is awarded the Amulet of Seldarine.

For those players who have the Enhanced Edition installed, the story will continue on to the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal automatically, and the beginning of Baldur's Gate II Chapter 8.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod provides an updated and revised "Smarter Mage" script. Irenicus Slayer Form is redesigned as a Demonic Race and a level 20/30 fighter/mage class, which boosts the Slayer's melee Attacks per round, and the spell casting level jumps to level 30 as compared to the unmodified version's 20.

SCS retains all the immunities listed in the InfoBox, and adds a few more abilities to Irenicus, including:
- See invisible and hidden creatures by script.
- A scroll of Spellstrike for scripted use.

New Minor Sequencer, Spell Sequencer and Spell Trigger are prepared and scripted for use.

Depending on the player's game difficulty selection (typically on "Hardcore" and "Insane") gives access to scripted High-level class ability use, to include Improved Alacrity, Summon Dark Planetar, Dragon's Breath and Comet. Most likely more than one will be used. These are very difficult to prevent.

Irenicus can recognize most player active character protections and immunities with SCS, which modifies the script actions of Jon. For example, he may attempt to remove spell protections and or Combat protections with Spell Thrust, Remove Magic, Ruby Ray of Reversal, and Breach. He will not cast certain spells at a PC that has Protection From Magic Energy and select a different spell or another available detected target.

During this battle a Time Stop is very probable. If any party members are nearby the slayer, it will assess what combat protections are active, and make a decision to engage in spell casting or go into melee attack during the pause in time. If a party member has Protection From Magical Weapons or Absolute Immunity up, it will likely use Improved Alacrity and launch several spells. Otherwise, the slayer may just start pounding with melee attacks (usually under a Haste effect) and most likely get 10 or more hits on the character. This can be deadly, and if it's the bhaalspawn as the target, it might mean game over.

Several summoned creature spell options are available to the Slayer, including twin Mordenkainen's Sword creatures, a Dark Planetar, and others.

With the Spell Revisions mod installed, the mage's spells will be the SR mod's version. This means that he'll likely be protected with spells such as Dispelling Screen, Non-Detection, and Prismatic Mantle. Irenicus will not be breachable without at least three magical attack spell protection removers, that is if the player can even target the slayer with a single-target spell.

The allied demons with Irenicus are actually capable of casting several dangerous and protective spells. They have caster levels between 17 (Glabrezu) and 24 (Balor), and all the demons are capable of releasing a Remove Magic. The SCS Balor's have a potential Kill target vorpal melee attack and an always on Aura of Flaming Death. Various power words and symbol spells are innately cast by the demons. All the demons can teleport without error on the map as needed and see invisible and hidden creatures by default.

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