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Joia's Flamedance Ring is a side quest in Baldur's Gate, available from Chapter One on.

I am to return a ring to Joia in the Friendly Arm Inn. It is a flamedance ring, stolen by some hobgoblins just north of the inn.

— Journal: Joia's Flamedance Ring[1]


Note: A warning ahead: talking to Joia two times with the ring already in possession – because, even without ever having heard about this before, that hobgoblin is there and carries the ring with him – will solve the quest and yield the reward immediately, while removing the ring.
Joia BG1EE

Joia needs a "gruff hand" to "go club some heads for" her after having been ambushed and robbed blind "by a band o' hobgoblins within sight of this inn's walls." So she tells any visitor of her home – just behind and to the left of the Friendly Arm Inn's main gate –, who addresses her. As for the nature of her task, she prefers the rough and not too polite type and asks only for her ring to be brought back – her father gave it to her, she doesn't care about most of her other things –, but can't offer anything in return: she "was just robbed, remember? You'll be doing it out of the goodness of your heart."[2][3]

If Joia's request is denied – due to lack of payment, motivation or time –, she will try to "find help elsewhere"[4] (good luck with that) and leaves her home, with an andar gem and 7gp staying behind in a locked(30) chest.

Note: These can be taken anyway – Joia won't call the guards, even if the chest is opened right under her eyes. As she says, she doesn't "care about most of [her] things."[3]
To the avenger, struggling with the thought of not being paid for roughing up some hobgoblins: this might be an incentive.
Hobgoblin (Joia's Flamedance Ring) BG1EE

The hobgoblins in question are "just north of the inn."[5] Two more "bands" of them can be encountered along the road around the Arm – one to the northwest of the generic home inside the walls, one at the road's northeastern end, each time two hobgoblins with bastard swords –, but those who robbed Joia are in fact nearly straight to the north, a short stretch west of the map's northern center – and they are three.

Note: Hugging along the walls of the Arm until their northernmost edge and then turning north will bring the party directly to the hobgoblin with the ring and his two accomplices, without getting into contact with the two other groups if the same path is used to return.

The "go club some heads"[2] turns out to be not sufficient – the ring can only be retrieved back from a dead hobgoblin. Taking the ring – which doesn't in any terms differ from a regular flamedance ring, except for its name – from his body and returning it to Joia will make her speak well of Gorion's Ward and leave, besides yielding some experience but costing the ring.

I thank you. This ring was a gift when I set out on my own. Couldn't bear the thought of some smelly old hobgoblin having it. You are a good sort, and I'll say so to anyone that asks.

— Joia[6]


AR2300 BG1

If the path suggested by the Important Events was taken and the Friendly Arm Inn is the party's first longer stay on their trip, this quest is also the first opportunity to learn about reputation – because that, and some experience but nothing tangible, is the only reward given for solving it. A gain in reputation will happen more often in the future and usually is a worthy thing, as people react friendlier and stores get cheaper, but evil aligned party members might be not amused about it.

I returned a flamedance ring to Joia in the Friendly Arm Inn. She was very appreciative, even if she had no gold to give me.

— Journal: Joia's Flamedance Ring (Finished)[7]


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