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Jhan Redmoons is a human Enchanter dwelling in the ruined Temple of Bhaal. Gorion's Ward can meet this mage during the Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear campaign.

The high priestess hasn't come out for days. What is she doing in the ritual room?


Jhan Redmoons is one of the people standing around Darskhelin in the Reliquary room like guards. Like his companions, Teth Se-Nehi, Mohad Flintborn, and Shallen (plus Umber Hulks in higher difficulties).


This Enchanter is hostile and will attack along with Darskhelin and his other companions any party member he notices. But he will first cast Stoneskin, Shadow Door and Minor Globe of Invulnerability on himself in a kind of contigency, before starting to use his spells offensively. Chaos is one of his favorites.

Ye could cause much harm here, and I shan't allow it!


This bunch isn't necessary to be fought in order to proceed with the main story, but confronting the Mind Flayer who has invaded the temple with his company is required in order for The Eyeless Priestess quest to be completed, giving more clues to be discovered about the temple's current state and extra dialogue options with Madele if she hasn't been freed yet. Also, defeating Darskhelin and his company provides the party with the option to get the wardstone from Akanna without a fight, if they are able to speak with her afterwards, and with the opportunity to loot some notable magical items from his companions.