Baldur's Gate Wiki

Jenkal's Home is one of the halfling burrows found in the village of Gullykin. It's the home with the reddish roof design that's almost completely surrounded by a wooden fence, located on the western side of the village. The front door is hidden from view and faces northwest.

The ground floor is unpopulated. The armoire to the left of the front door contains 13 gp. The armoire near the stairs is empty. The bookshelf contains a copy of the History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness.

Jenkal can be found in the basement and will immediately engage in dialogue. All dialogue options end with fighting. A secret entrance to the Firewine Ruins is behind the single bookshelf located to the left of the large chest.

The chest is locked(50) and contains a Dagger and 85 gp. The bookshelves to the right contain copies of the History of the North V and History of the Red Ravens. The desk is empty. The small chest on the left contains 31 gp and a Potion of Stone Form. The middle chest contains a Silver Ring and a Protection From Poison scroll. The last chest on the right contains a Andar Gem and a Zircon Gem.