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Jase is a child you can meet in the Coast Way area, very close to where the road exits south to Beregost.

He just witnessed Bandits attack a character he calls Old Man Brill and a caravan that recently left Beregost in route to Baldur's Gate.

He also brags that he has a buddy called Albert who is tough.


"Don't you be getting any closer or I'll have Mom come and give you the belt!"

1- Relax, kid, I don't want to hurt you.
Oh, sure! That's what that other group of bandits said, and then they went and attacked a caravan I just saw leave. They were a bunch of liars, probably just like you. Get lost!
2- Ahh, beat it, child. I've got no time for your whining.
Big dummies. If my buddy Albert were here, he'd turn you inside out or somethin'. His mom lets him go wherever he wants, 'cuz he's tough. He'd smack you good!
3- As you would have it. I did not want to frighten you.
Maybe you're not so mean, but that don't mean nothing! Them other bandits didn't seem mean, until they attacked old man Brill. Stupid bandits and their stupid iron. Leave me!

Whichever response you choose, that will be the last you hear from Jase. He refuses further conversation as he disappears, forever, into the forest.