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Welcome to the guild. I haven't heard much about you, but if Renal says you're all right, I'll take his word on it.

Jariel is a shadow thief who will appear in Mae'Var's former guildhall when it becomes your Thieves' Guild Stronghold, if Gorion's Ward is a thief. He is one of the Ward's two lieutenants for the guildhall and his duty is to manage the five thieves that will perform tasks to help fatten the coffers of the guild. Jariel will fill you in on the status of each thieves' assigned tasks and provide options on how to alter their methods to increase their potential haul.

It's up to Gorion's Ward to report back to the guildhall at a minimum of every five days to see how the thieves are doing on their assigned tasks. Depending on how much you push the thieves to bring in coin to the guild, they'll either be minimally successful, moderately successful, highly successful, caught in the act and jailed, or possibly killed while performing their respective tasks.

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