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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
The Jan's Extended Quest mods expands the personal quest-line of the Shadows of Amn companion Jan Jansen.


This mod continues after Jan's original quest. Perhaps you were curious about Lissa and her violent husband Vaelag? In the original game, this story was never explored very far or resolved. This mod seeks to provide an extension to the story and finish the questline.

It offers two very short missions filled with typical dialogues and unexpected meetings with new supporting characters. Additionally, the mod aims at shedding a new light on some of the most influential organizations of the city.

It includes among others:

  • 2 new quests which you may start in the order of your choice
  • 2 new stories of Jan

How to start the new content[]

Complete Jan's original quest (Jan Jansen Summoned Home). Then, 24+ hours later, Len Fellen approaches you outdoors in Athkatla.

External links[]

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