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Jamie is the bodyguard and illicit lover of the noblewoman Samantha. He is hiding, naked, in the closet of her bedroom in the Manor House. He claims to have spent two years training with the local guard.

His dialogue and the consequences were changed from the classic version of the game to the enhanced edition. [Confirmation needed]

Baldur's Gate[]

Called to help by Samantha after she has been harassed by the party, he rushes out of the closet while his lover flees, speaks of his "qualification" and attacks the party with bare fists.

What are you guys up to!? You step away from my girl. Lecherous brigands, if you think you can lay a hand on Samantha and live, you don't know who you're dealing with. I've trained with the guard for a good 2 years, and I think I'm a little more than a match for the likes of you.

The noblewoman on the same floor gets hostile, too.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition[]

After initiating dialogue with the nearest party member and speaking of his "qualification", intending to defend his lover and attack the intruders, he quickly realizes that, being naked, he has no weapon. He and Samantha run away instead.

Hmm, I might have spoken too soon. Your thrashing must come another time, when I am not naked and weaponless.

Killing him will not affect your reputation, but is rather pointless as he has nothing to loot. Once he is gone (or dead), you can unlock and loot the various chests and other containers in the room.


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    Beside other standard items that can be found in the inventory of Jamie's creature file, but have no slot assigned and thus don't appear as loot, he actually has equipped a weapon which could have been intended to be a Long Sword. However, this weapon uses a faulty and non-existent item code, SWIH04, whereas a Long Sword would need SW1H04 to work.