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Jalaal, Rakshasa revealed

Jalaal is a Rakshasa in a group led by Ihtafeer during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Our... grandmother... is the one who makes potions. The locals often come by here to buy them from her... you must speak to her if you wish one.

— Jalaal


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Jalaal at first appears as a Human Nobleman and refers the party to Adratha, not responding to additional conversation.

Jalaal transforms into his natural form to attack the party anytime Ihtafeer is attacked or she initiates hostilities due to having her disguise discovered or if she detects the filthy stink of the djinn upon the party. Jalaal and Ihtafeer are also aided by another Rakshasa in the group, named Saadat.

In combat when an enemy is detected it will move to engage in melee with its longsword. The creature can attempt to cast either Cloudkill or Death Fog, which all the Rakshasas are immune to. This is the primary problematic threat to the party. On the other hand, this monster is not immune to magical weaponry or ammunition, so as long as the party can hit versus its armor class, the creature can quickly be killed. The unmodified game makes no provision to apply combat or spell protection to themselves.

Also, remember that the Rakshasa are immune to level 1 through 7 Power level effects.

Related Quests[]

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Afaaq the Djinni Companion mod removes Jalaal from the cottage in its human form, and the Raksasha form only makes an appearance via teleportation when Ifhateer is hostile.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod provides this creature with a new default AI script for spell use. Unlike the unmodified creature, Jalaal applies a group of protective buffs (previously cast) when an enemy is detected. These include Mirror Image, Haste, Shield (spell), Ghost Armor, Stoneskin and Non-Detection.

Further on in the battle, as determined by the AI's detection of the party member's protections and vulnerabilities will be different potential spell casts. A selection of offensive and disabling spells such as Cloudkill, Lightning Bolt, Burning Hands, Chromatic Orb, Color Spray, Magic Missile, Web, Ice Storm, Sunfire and other spells

If a player has invisible party members, the Rakshasa can try Detect Invisibility or Oracle.

Jalaal now has three pips in Longsword proficiency and 2 pips in single weapon fighting style.

Jalaal also will quaff SCS potions during combat, such a Potion of Stone Giant Strength.

With the Spell Revisions mod installed; all these spells will be the SR versions.

If Icewind Dale spells are included, then there will be some of these spell types used as well, such as Icelance and perhaps Mordenkainens's Force Missiles.