Jaheira's Note for CHARNAME is a letter from Jaheira to Gorion's Ward.



Goodbye. No sappy farewells or crying over how things must be; I do neither of these things well, nor would I wish to. I have made a decision, one that is not ideal, but it is necessary. I can go nowhere without this shadow, and I wish to leave it behind. I am returning to the Harper Hold that I might face judgment there. I will plead the case as we saw it for whatever they accuse, and if they do not see reason, then I will suffer what I must. Galvarey had detractors as well as allies, so I believe I can end this in my favor. If not, at least it will be an end.

I do not ask you to follow. I do this for myself, and there will be little or no gain for you. You may still be a target of violence, but perhaps their interest in you will wither beside the capture of a "traitor."

For better or worse, I am taking control once more. I hope to see you again in better times.

With nature's love and mine,