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Jaden is a character from Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition and part of the Rasaad's Journey quest line.

There was PLENTY of treasure in there, and if you hadn't awoken the basilisk, we'd still be able to get it.

— Jaden


She is a member of the Vagrant Blades located on the Abandoned Amphitheater map adjacent to a set of ruins where they have emerged from a recent Dungeon exploration.

Jaden is a Lycanthrope Priestess of Talos, with all of that Cleric kit's abilities. She is immune to normal weapons but has no regeneration ability. In melee she attacks with her slashing claw (which behaves as a +2 enchanted item).

If hostilities develop and given the opportunity, she will cast defensive spells on self, and then offensive magic after that. She is wielding a magical sling or uses her claw attack in close quarters. Jaden may have some dialogue with those who interrupt their in-group argument. These dialogue selections will determine the direction of the encounter with the Vagrant Blades.

Her script launches an initial prepatory group of buffs to include Aid, Chant, Draw Upon Holy Might (spell), Resist Fire and Cold and Storm Shield. Offensively she will not use anymore Priest spells the rest of the battle, and only utilize the innate Talos Kit's Lightning Bolt.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod assigns a new default AI to Jaden. In addition to the base game's opening protections, she may also open hostilities with a bevy of (previously cast) spells, including: Armor of Faith, Free Action (spell), and Chaotic Commands. She will cast various healing spells and cures on self and allies depending on certain thresholds. She also has access to various cleric spells such as Sanctuary, Hold Person (priest), and Cloak of Fear. They will be attempted depending on if she is functionally able and not disrupted.

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