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Isaea Roenall is a member of a family of high nobility and an important and respected officer in the Amnian army in the city of Athkatla. He is also a smuggler and a slaver. And he's entered into arrangement to marry Nalia de'Arnise although she wants nothing to do with him.

Isaea will first appear during the funeral for Nalia's father. He will demand that she uphold the arranged marriage entered into between their respective families. When Nalia refuses to marry him, he makes a cryptic remark that he "can help or hinder; I've done it before". He then leaves the scene with the parting statement being that this is unfinished business.

The next day he'll appear anywhere on the map party happens to be and arrest Nalia. Part of the excuse he'll use is that as an officer in the army and a liaison to the nobility, it is his "function to see that everyone is well in their proper station". Being above the law, since he practices that old adage "I am the law", there doesn't appear to be much that can be done to prevent him from getting away with the deed. This starts the companion quest Nalia abducted by Isaea Roenall.


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