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Isabella and Ikros is an optional quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


Approach Isabella and Ikros's camp near the middle of the Coast Way Forest to trigger a conversation that may lead to the quest.


Once it is dark, speaking with Isabella will trigger Tsolak to arrive, and there will be an opportunity to speak with him.

Siding with Isabella and Ikros[]

Pick any of the conversation topics that lead to a fight. Tsolak cannot be reduced below 1 HP, but once at that point he will turn into a cloud, retreat to the nearby cave, and summon 6 Dire Wolves.

Isabella will then tell you about a nearby cave, suggest Tsolak has gone there to reform, and give you a Wooden Stake. The cave is guarded by 4 traps, and once inside, the vampire can be destroyed with a stake, revealing ruined Boot and a Half of Speed and Tsolak's Scroll. Nearby is a chest with a random assortment of jewelry and gold.

Returning to Isabella will net The Suncatcher +2, 250gp, and 9,000 XP.

Siding with Tsolak[]

If Gorion's Ward is a Paladin, the only way to side with Tsolak is to first agree to speak, then immediately choose the topic to attack Isabella. All other conversation routes end with Tsolak attacking.

Once Isabella and Ikros are dead, Tsolak will run off, yelling to watch for his messenger.