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For the version of the building in Baldur's Gate, see Iron Throne Headquarters.

Iron Throne Headquarters is a former mercantile headquarters that has been repurposed as a refugee shelter in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


A refugee shantytown has been established beside the former Iron Throne stronghold, the area awash with the desperate and patrolled by the Flaming Fist. The less than honorable Riggs can be found fleeing protection money from one such refugee, Byzon.

Ground Floor[]

The once opulent interior has been converted into a refuge for the sick and weary, as priests wander the floor attempting to provide comfort. A possible former companion (Rasaad) has been providing them assistance, although emotions have worn thin between a pair of refugees in Berta and Lon.


A few containers (crates, barrels and chests) are available to search, but otherwise there is little else on this floor. A lone Flaming Fist guard can be found lurking in the corner, who may not be quite what he seems... if you made a deal with a prisoner beneath the Ducal Palace, then this is the one you seek.