Why there be no bigger or more dastardly mercantile consortium in all the Western Realms.

— Winthrop

The Iron Throne is a merchant organization though they mainly operate through agents and have quite a bad public image. They have been known for attempted assassinations, thuggery and trading with enemies.

This organisation is responsible for the iron shortage around the Sword Coast, by killing workers in the Nashkel Mines and making their ore unsuited for weapons and tools by contaminating the ore brought out of the mines with a certain substance and disrupting trade routes with hired Bandits and blaming this on Amn. This plan was orchestrated to skyrocket the price of the iron ore and all products which require iron and thereby making a huge profit as well, at the cost of Baldur's Gate and other inhabitants of the Sword Coast region. This plan also required the elimination of rival merchants guilds, such as the Seven Suns.

When the hostility between Baldur's Gate and Amn was high enough, the Iron Throne would offer a deal to the Dukes of Baldur's Gate to sell them good iron ore, weapon and armor, which they had stockpiled from their operations. The first one is from their hired mercenaries who raided caravans under the disguise of bandits and the second operation is the secret mine in the Cloakwood.

After the Iron Throne would have made a huge profit, they would have made amends to lessen the hostility between Baldur's Gate and Amn and preventing them from going into war, because that would have been disastrous for trade in the Sword Coast. This plan would have succeeded if the insider, Sarevok, who executed some part of this plan, didn't have his own agenda in mind. He saw the Iron Throne as a pawn to create hostility between Baldur's Gate and Amn, and would then offer to lead Baldur's Gate's armies against armies of Amn if he was made Grand Duke. The only way Sarevok could become Grand Duke would be by assassinating some or all of the dukes, who would be hesitant to go into war.

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