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Invisibility, 10' Radius renders all friendly creatures within the area of effect invisible, even to infravision.

This invisibility is not of the Illusionary protections type, which is technically incorrect, and may interfere with invisibility purging counter spells. Despite its name, it has a range of 10' in all directions from the caster, and not 20-ft as stated in the effects text. Testing has confirmed this, as well as the projectile code specifications. The spell has a duration of 7200 seconds, unless broken/dispelled before that.


This spell causes all creatures within 20 ft. of the caster to vanish from sight and be undetectable by normal vision or even infravision. Of course, the invisible creature(s) are not magically silenced, and certain other conditions can render the creature(s) detectable. Even allies cannot see the invisible creature(s) or their gear, unless these allies can normally see invisible things or employ magic to do so. Items dropped or put down by the invisible creature(s) become visible; items picked up disappear if tucked into the clothing or pouches worn by the creature(s). The spell remains in effect until it is magically broken or dispelled, until the recipient attacks a creature, or until 24 hours have passed. The invisible being(s) cannot open doors, talk, eat, climb stairs, etc. If they attack, they immediately become visible, although the invisibility enables them to attack first.

Where to obtain its scroll[]

The Black Pits[]

Sold by[]

Baldur's Gate[]

Shadows of Amn[]

Throne of Bhaal[]



Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Spell Revisions mod has changed this arcane spell, revising its title, casting time, secondary type, projectile and duration. See below for description:
Invisibility Sphere
Level: 3
School: Illusion
Range: Personal
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: 10’ radius
Saving Throw: None

This spell confers invisibility upon all friendly creatures within 10 feet of the caster. Creatures leaving the area are still subject to the spell’s effect; those entering the area after the casting is completed are not. If an affected creature makes an attack, they will negate the invisibility only for themselves. The spell otherwise lasts for 1 turn.

This revised spell has fixed the projectile and uses no. 205 In Area Small (INAREASM) and has a secondary type of Illusionary Protection, as it should be coded. It has an area of effect of 10 feet diameter from the caster.

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