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Investigate activities in the Copper Coronet's rooms is a short and limited side-quest for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It is initiated within the Copper Coronet in the Athkatla Slums.


The player can get two clues regarding the back rooms.

One bit of information comes from one or both of the Bouncer (Copper Coronet) guards posted in front of the locked doors on the northside tavern wall. Basically, they say if you need anything, see Lehtinan. The bouncers don't answer any questions or elaborate.

Another potential lead is to buy a drink for Garoll, who's seated at a table with a fellow drunk tossing back some ale. Speaking with him and asking the correct questions can lead to some details about what could be behind those doors. But in the end, even Garrol and his sloshed companion make it clear that they should probably shut up about this subject, and you need to see Lehtinan.

If a party member does speak with Lehtinan (the Copper Coronet owner), then there are many dialogue choices presented. If the correct ones are selected, and the player persists about wanting to spend some coin, and is curious about the rumored entertainment options available - then eventually he'll have enough trust to allow entry into the back rooms. Seems as though there is some questionable activity going on in the restricted part of the Inn.

At this juncture the player's Journal registers this quest, reading as follows:

Journal entry: Investigate activities in the Copper Coronet's rooms
The proprietor of the Copper Coronet has given me permission to enter the "back rooms" of his inn. I wonder what sort of secret and illegal services the man is offering back there...

Walkthrough and gameplay[]

Once the party has the quest - it simply implies that back rooms can now be entered and investigated, with no specific goal.

So, when ready to do so go ahead and travel to one of the previously locked doors, and go through. If speaking with one of the bouncer guards, he'll say:

Lehtinan is lettin' you into the back, eh? That's just fine. Be no trouble an' I won't hafta break yer head, aye?

Visit the back rooms and explore[]

The party can visit with anyone they wish back in these rooms. Perhaps speaking with Madame Nin would be interesting - she's upstairs and can facilitate some "companionship" for a fee. Depending on what is said, some party members may disapprove or make other interjections.

On the ground level door is opened, a Copper Coronet guard will approach and say:

You're welcome to enjoy the exclusive entertainments offered by the Copper Coronet. Feel free to look around.

Going through a door to the east leads to the Gladiatorial fighting pit arena. Speak with Frankie. Going further within can lead to the Announcer initiating a current match in the arena which the party will watch via a cutscene. Some party members may disapprove and make interjections. The fights back here are probably kept secret due to their illegality.

A corridor leading north on the ground level may indicate two secret passageways (each party member passing by these has a chance to identify their presence). Entering the first is a comfy room adorned with cushions. various hookah pipes are seen. The air is thick with incense. There are some patrons here, and two are awake but are obviously in some kind of abnormal state. One giggles if spoken to, the other says to "sit down and join is for a spell". The third is sound asleep and snoring. Could this be some kind of black lotus den?

The second passageway leads to a doorway with steps leading downward to the Sewers (Slums District). The door is unlocked.

At the end of the corridor is a closed door to the north. Opening this door is an east west lateral passageway with various jail style cell doors. A coronet guard will move towards the party and issue a verbal challenge. It seems you aren't supposed to be here. If the party agrees to go back, then all is well. Any other questions or protests lead to hostilities. Several more guards will appear and assault you. Should the party fend off the attacks, one of the occupants of the cell seems quite excited and calls for help. He says he's Hendak, a warrior from the far North, and forced to perform in deadly gladiatorial fights. There are other occupants barely visible in other cells, including children.

Speak with Hendak[]

If the party agrees to see what they can do to get Hendak out of this situation, you'll receive the Free Hendak and the slaves questline. Several party companions support this action and say so.

On the other hand, the party can refuse to help Hendak. Several party companions will admonish CHARNAME if this occurs. If the PC doesn't agree and says he can't help right now the Journal updates:

Journal entry:
I have encountered a slave called Hendak in the Copper Coronet's pen. He asked me to help him escape. I refused.

If the party speaks with Lehtnian again[]

Regardless of the decision, if the party returns to speak with Lehtinan at this time and reports what was said, then Lehtinan will hear you out. This can be done even though those guards were killed, and whether the party told Hendak they'd try and free him. There are a few dialogue paths here after you tell him about Hendak.

First, Lehtinan will be appreciative of the information and then ask that you do him another favor and perform a task for him. Return to his cell and kill Hendak. He'll say:

Hendak? That ignorant barbarian slave! 'Tis a fine thing that you decided to tell me. If you're willing to go a step further, I'll reward you handsomely.

If you agree, he'll give you a Key to open the cell and then kill the rebellious slave. The player's Journal updates:

Journal entry:
I informed Lehtinan, the owner of the Copper Coronet, of Hendak's desire to escape the slave pens and his attempt to acquire my help.

If you say that you have already performed a service (by telling him of Hendak's plans), and ask for payment, and only then will you consider his other request - Lehtinan says:

(Hurrm...) Very well. You may have prevented a slave uprising, so I offer you this armor as thanks. The deal will become a fair bit sweeter if you finish the job.

He bestows a suit of Plate Mail reward, and let's it be known that he wishes Hendak dead. If you agree, the key is provided, all that is left is to go and do the deed.

Or you can refuse to get involved, and he'll have his "soon-to-be-fired guards" take care of it - and wish you a pleasant stay at the Inn. Hendak is now killed by script, which shutters any chance of getting the Free Hendak and the slaves questline.

If the player agrees to kill Hendak and receives the key, the player's Journal updates with:

Journal entry:
Lehtinan, the innkeeper at the Copper Coronet, has hired me to kill Hendak, who tried to get my help to escape. He gave me a key to open up Hendak's cell. I am to return once the deed is done.

Return to Hendak[]

Use the key to open Hendak's cell. This allows dialogue. The PC can tell him he's to be killed, and then attack him, and the gladiator he shares his cell with. Once the PC attacks, the party receives 7,500 XP.

Or, don't attack him and tell Hendak that obtaining the key was a ruse, and he's free to take his revenge. Hendak will rejoice and immediately he and fellow salve gladiators will move out and start attacking the Copper Coronet guards and working toward finding Lehtinan. The party receives 7,500 XP.

If Hendak is killed, return to Lehtinan=[]

If the PC kills Hendak, return to Lehtinan and inform him of the deed, he'll say:

Well done, my friend. You have done a great service for me. Allow me to offer you this reward. Thanks again. Talk to Bernard when you wish to buy something, and you shall get a special discount. Enjoy your stay; you shall profit by your association with Lehtinan.

The PC is rewarded with Plate Mail (unless provided earlier) and the bastard sword Kondar. Also, due to the morals of society at large, a -1 Reputation penalty.