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There's a time limit in this quest.

Intrigue with Jarlaxle is a side quest available in chapter 5.

A Gilded Rope[]

After the meeting with Matron Mother Ardulace Despana in Ust Natha, Visaj appears on the path just north of Deirex's Tower. He approaches and wants to sell you a Gilded Rope for 1,000gp, if you don't have that much he'll sell just it for 750gp, if your charisma is 15 or higher, you can talk him down to 500gp, or you threaten take the rope from him.

Jarlaxle's assignment[]

Now head down to Deirex's Tower, Deirex the Lich is right there, and you are soon teleported to Jarlaxle's Pocket DimensionThe resident tells you that he wants the gem Deirex processes, he gives you one day to accomplish this before teleporting you back to Deirex's Tower.

Fight with Deirex, who is capable of casting Time Stop, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting and puts up as a normal lich battle (22,000 XP). Be sure to search his body for the Lich's Tooth and the Jae'llat Wardstone. Also search this place for treasures (some of which are trapped):

Taking Jarlaxle's Gems will instantly teleport you back to the pocket dimension. Jarlaxle takes the Gems. Accept his thanks (10,000 XP) or kill (14,000 XP + 12,000 XP). In any case you will be teleported back to the tower.

NOTE: If your party is strong enough, you can kill Visaj even after taking payment. You can do this by casting haste on your melee characters and using Melf's Minute Meteors for your ranged. Pause the game right as you are being teleported into the pocket plane (during the fade-in). Issue the attack commands before dialogue and accept the payment. As you are being teleported out, your party will carry out the attacks killing Visaj who is undefended and unprepared.

House cleaning[]

Go for the lich's treasure (x 3475 y 2730), search the lake for:

Leave the tower, go up right to reach the House Jae'llat, his wardstone will open two warded doors and allow you entrance (x 3260, y 1460).

This is, of course, a fairly large battle against many drow warriors and priestesses (each worth 6000 XP), it just wouldn't be a Drow House without those elements, and this is only the first battle, there is another one when you go over to the right, which involves Hindra Jae'llat (14,000 XP) and Istar Jae'llat (16,000 experience). Search the place for treasure:

  • 2,500gp
  • A LOT of Gems (about 50)


If you return to Ust Natha after taking the dragon eggs, Jarlaxle will still refer to you by your pseudonym. Retrieving Jarlaxle's Gems will teleport you back to the pocket dimension into a tower — from which Jarlaxle will disappear soon after, leaving you unable to escape.

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