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Innkeeper (Brynnlaw) is male human fellow who is in charge of the services of The Vulgar Monkey, Brynnlaw's only Inn. He's found tending the bar and is the point of contact for the party if they wish to purchase Drinks or need lodging.

What do you be wanting here, hmm? This ain't the friendliest place for strangers to be walking about.


The Innkeeper may answer some question if spoken with, but idle chit-chat seems to be not on his list of favorite activities.

However, after the assassination of Sanik, which occurs right in the middle of his tavern as fate has it - He's taken aback by this and is much more forthcoming about information related to who actually may be responsible for it. So, get as much information from the Innkeeper as you can, to go along with the Getting inside the asylum questline.

Note, for the bloodthirsty player who may have a tendency to kill everything in sight, this bartender is an innocent, provides little experience, carries no loot, and will ensure that no more services are available to party, should he be killed. Plus, other repercussions.


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