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Innkeeper is an unnamed svirfneblin who lives in the Underdark near the drow city of Ust Natha. He is in the western side in the barracks/Inn area of the Svirfneblin settlement along with Therndle Daglefodd.

Da laden stoone od gam. Welcome to my makeshift inn. I say, I must, I have not seen your like here in quite some time come.


The Innkeeper will allow your party to rest in the area for small fee, but if you have a drow illusionary disguise appearance his dialogue will be different.

You may ask the Innkeeper various things, including the state of affairs between the snirfneblin and the drow, and about Therndle's missing son.

You may also ask about a bit of lost gear, including the Book of Rituals originally belong to and lost by Vithal, but only if the party has initiated A Mage's Proposal quest. He'll sell it to you with the right dialogue choice for a mere 300 gp.

If you have the drow illusion upon the party, he'll just give the book to you as a sign of fostering better relations. This action generates a player's journal update:

A mage's proposal: "I located the svirfneblin innkeeper that took Vithal's book of rituals. I approached him while under Adalon's drow-form illusion, and he gave the book with no questions asked. The drow are certainly feared here."