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Chapter Seven[]

Chapter Eight[]

Chapter Nine[]


After completing The Desperate Defenders and speaking to Khalid, there are multiple ways the bridge can be cleared:

  • The party can directly attack the camp with the help of the Bridgefort defenders
  • The party can return to gather Flaming Fist and return to attack
  • Gorion's Ward can negotiate surrender in return for the defender's freedom (with or without destroying the supplies)
  • Khalid can negotiate surrender (with or without destroying the supplies)
  • The party can betray the fortress and lower the drawbridge


There are several avenues to destroy the Crusaders through combat.

The most direct way is to simply attack the camp after entering the map. After killing most of the major figures, the minor Crusaders will retreat, and the gate to the bridge will open. This not only a difficult fight alone (Bridgefort defenders will not join in), but it bypasses a number of quests that can be worth doing, including The Missing Patrol, The Creeping Darkness, Tender of the Dead, and The Fear. Additional, the defenders strangely do not have a reaction

If the Bridgefort defenders are prepared, the assault can be triggered immediately, with the defenders and party attacking over the drawbridge, a difficult fight at best.

Alternatively, the party can return to the Flaming Fist camp, gather the army and attack from one side while the defenders attack from the other. Gorion's Ward can opt to lead the Fist attack or return to Bridgefort and lead their attack.

If Gorion's Ward leads the Bridgefort defenders, they can begin the conversation to surrender, and after the terms are decided, can launch a surprise attack, with or without the Flaming Fist's assistance, depending on if they were placed on alert.

Once the camp has been completely cleared, the barricade to the bridge opens and the next phase begins.

Surrender / "Surrender"[]

Note: Surrendering will make it impossible to gain item not already produced by Jegg's or Hoach Randymonk.

Since the Crusade is only interested in the supplies, either Gorion's Ward or Khalid can negotiate with The Barghest for the freedom of the defenders in return for the supplies. If Jegg has been properly prepared, she will quietly sabotage the supplies, leaving nothing for the Crusade.

Note: If Gorion's Ward speaks for the defenders, admits who they are, and Oloneiros is alive, when they party crosses the drawbridge, she will cast Greater Malison and then instantly be killed by The Barghest (which makes her equipment available to pickup).

The Bridge[]

Once the Crusaders have been dealt with one way or another, a Flaming Fist Mage will teleport in and warn Gorion's Ward that the Crusaders are placing barrels like those that destroyed the Crossing Way Bridge on the Boareskyr Bridge.

The gate will be open, and at the midpoint of the bridge will be 4 Crusaders, 2 Crusader Archers, and a Crusader Mage who begins casting a spell to open a portal. If the mage is not killed within a certain amount of time, they will open the portal and teleport away, and any living crusaders will flee. Over time, the portal will spawn several waves of random fire-related creatures: 2 Fire Mephits, a Fire Salamander, or a Lesser Fire Elemental.

If any of the barrels take at least 24 points of damage (they take half damage from anything but acid, electricity, fire, and magic damage, and they normally automatically succeed on all saves), everyone on the map will be killed, and the game ends.


Give The Enemy No Quarter Achievement icon SoD
– Hidden –
Give The Enemy No Quarter
Pushed the crusade back across Boareskyr Bridge. [Read more]
Not The Battle We Came For Achievement icon SoD
– Hidden –
Not The Battle We Came For
Peacefully surrendered Bridgefort to the crusade. [Read more]

Chapter Ten[]