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Imp is a creature encountered on the Watcher's Keep Elemental Level during Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

Hey, you! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Only the masters are allowed in the libraries... what are you doing here?

— Imp


When the party approaches close enough to the Imp, it initiates dialogue by verbally challenging what the party is doing here.

The imp is located in a connecting corridor between the Fire elementalist library and the Fan chamber/Air elementalist laboratory.

Once the dialogue begins the party must make dialogue selections, and the Imp will make various replies - some of this exchange is humorous. The Party can be quite insulting if it wishes, but in the end the Imp will leave and disappear in a flash of fire, for planes unknown.

The information gleaned from the Imp fills in some background gaps about the design of this level of the keep, the existence at one time of four masters, their on-going animosity between each other and past infighting.

The Imp advises the party shouldn't listen to the demon, to look for the master's notes in the various libraries, their creations, the four elemental scepters, and also some important information regarding powering up the whole place again by activating the magical fan.

The fan info is true, and the player should heed that advice as the next step to solving this dungeon level. The fan is in the next chamber behind the Imp.

The imp is invulnerable to being harmed and will disappear before the party can target it. The purpose of the creature is to advance the story and add some flair/roleplaying.

Once the dialogue is finished and the Imp departs, the player's Journal is registered with two entries:

Journal entry: Activating the fan

According to the imp I stumbled across, this entire level is powered by a magical fan which must be turned on in order to activate the various laboratories. I wonder if the fan has any other uses?

Journal entry: The elemental wizards

According to the imp, this level of the dungeon was run by four elemental wizards, each of who had a library and a laboratory. The imp claims that the wizards were always plotting to kill each other and kept notes on how they would destroy the near-unkillable creations of their enemies. If these creations still exist, I should find these notes to discover how I might kill the wizards' pets.