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Imoen's quotes presents lines spoken by Imoen, together with the associated sound files.

While forever marking her, Irenicus' experiments haven't dented Imoen's cheerfulness. She enjoys joking with and teasing her companions, and has a sharp tongue to improvise tall tales and insults with. She's equally curious about the motives and nature of all members of the party, and never lets her evil lineage take control over her thoughts and actions. The damage her soul sustained sometimes plagues her with feelings of loneliness and doubt, but the other adventurers are often eager to help her bear them.

As Imoen only joins the party mid-game, she originally had only dialogues in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. The enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate II adds however some dialogues in the original campaign with the newly-added companions, namely Dorn, Hexxat, Neera and Rasaad. If none of those companions are in your party, she can then appear to be oddly silent. She is one of the few non-neutral characters who never come into conflict with any member of the party.

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With Aerie[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Aerie: I have a question for you, Imoen... you have the taint of Bhaal within you? Does this mean that you will turn into the Slayer as well?
Imoen: I certainly hope not. I... I've been thinking more and more lately about that myself, though.
Aerie: It must be an awful feeling. I can't imagine how <CHARNAME> deals with it.
Imoen: Yeah... <HE/SHE>'s been living with it longer too. Sometimes, when it's quiet... I can hear the taint in my heart whispering to me. It says awful things, and I almost want to scream to shut them out.
Aerie: *gasp* You... you haven't done anything that it's said, have you?
Imoen: Well... other than that time I got up in the middle of the night to snatch a bag full of cinnamon cookies, heck no.
Aerie: Oh, goo— ...what? Cinnamon cookies?
Imoen: Ha ha! Oh, come on, Aerie! Lighten up, will ya? I'll tell ya what... if I have any desires to murder you in the middle of the night, you'll be the first to know, okay?
Aerie: That's not very funny, Imoen. <CHARNAME> never makes fun of <HIS/HER> condition in that way.
1. Player: Well, it's been so much easier since I discovered all the Slayer really wants is a sandwich...
Aerie: Oh, fine. Everyone seems determined to make fun of me. I'll stand back here, thank you.
2. Player: Aerie's right, Imoen. It's a very serious subject.
Imoen: Well, excuse me, <LADY/LORD> Serious Pants. I'll just trot on down to the end of the line, then, and wait for my head to explode. Sheesh.

Throne of Bhaal only, if romance with the player has gone far enough :

Aerie: Imoen... you grew up in Candlekeep too, did you not? Since you were very young?
Imoen: Yup. I was climbing the walls and driving the monks up them since I was a little girl. Why?
Aerie: Well... you grew up with <CHARNAME> then, didn't you?
Imoen: Sure did. We were both Gorion's wards, and it wasn't like there were lots of us kids around, you know.
Aerie: I've a few questions about <CHARNAME>, then... if you wouldn't mind me asking. They're a bit... personal.
Imoen: Heck, I don't mind. Um... <CHARNAME> might, though. You think he can hear us?
Aerie: Maybe. Let's go talk about this somewhere more private, then. I'm just dying of curiosity...

With Anomen[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: So. You're part of that Order of the Radiant Heart, right, Anomen? The paladins and clerics that run around Amn getting outraged at everything?
Anomen: (if Anomen failed his test) Ha! An apt description of those blowhards if ever I've heard one. No, dear girl, I am no member of the Order... although I was once a novice. Why do you ask?
Anomen: (if Anomen passed his test) I find your description bordering on insult, girl... but, yes, I am a member of the Order. Why?
Imoen: Well, a full hundred of them marched all solemn-like up to Candlekeep about ten years ago, all to donate a single book to the monks. Did you know about that?
Anomen: No, but it sounds like something the Order might do, depending on the book.
Imoen: It was a big book, as I recall. I stole into the archive to look at it... did you know it had all sorts of pictures of naked men and women? Total filth! I'm surprised the Order even had something like that.
(if Anomen failed his test:)
Anomen: You don't say? Well, perhaps the prelate was finished with it and gave it to the head of your monks as something of a present? Those paladins are quite the repressed lot of stuffed shirts, you know.
Imoen: Oh, they're not so bad, I guess. Better them than some of the evil I've seen... they can just be kinda pompous, as I remember. You're not as bad as I figured you might be, though, Anomen.
Anomen: Well, I'm glad you think so. I escaped from their clutches just in time, I suppose, eh?
(if present in party):
Korgan: Escaped? Har har! Like a bleedin', puny fish escapes when it is thrown back into the stinkin' sea! Har har, ye're a card, Anomen!
Mazzy: Escaped, is it? An interesting take on actual events, cleric.
Jaheira: Escaped? That is not quite how I would describe it.
Keldorn: "Escaped," Anomen? Perhaps you were not present at your Trial?
Anomen: (same reply to all) Well, of *course* there is always someone about who feels the need to comment on my life. Helm preserve me. *sigh*
(if Anomen passed his test:)
Anomen: No doubt it was a book of great evil. Perhaps the Order gave it over to the care of your monks so it would not be used by those of impure intentions.
Imoen: Well, I don't know about that. Winthrop caught me peeking and gave me hell like you wouldn't believe... but I noticed he kept the book in his room after that point.
Anomen: Vile girl! I'll not listen to any more of this! Go bother <CHARNAME>!

With Cernd[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Cernd: Are you well, Imoen? I trust you would say if you were having any... difficulties.
Imoen: Cernd, what is it? You've been looking at me funny for days now.
Cernd: Well, it's been a very trying time for us all, but especially so for you. To learn that you are not as... natural as you might have thought...
Imoen: I see. You are worried about my being a child of Bhaal. Is that it? Well, I'm sure I'll let you know if I'm going to change into some monstrous killing machine.
Cernd: I meant no offense, but birds and reptiles are often at death's door before they show any symptom of trouble. Not that you would be one or the other, but...
Imoen: But I just might, is that it? Cernd, I like you, but don't treat me like I don't know myself. I'm fine, really.
Cernd: I apologize, of course.
Imoen: Besides, I'm hoping for bird. Heh. Kidding.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: Why, hullo, Cernd. You're a druid, right? Maybe you can answer a question for me.
Cernd: I am a druid, yes... and of course, I would be happy to answer any of your questions... although that mischievous look of yours tells me I'm about to be made fun of.
Imoen: I would never make fun of you, Cernd. Although you do look cute when you're frustrated.
Cernd: *sigh* What is it you want to know, Imoen?
Imoen: Well... how does someone become a druid? You don't just wake up one day and decide you want to go kiss a tree, do you?
Cernd: You're more intelligent than that, Imoen. Did you become a thief by accident, discovering your hand in someone's pocket one day?
Imoen: Actually, yes. I was eight years old, and Winthrop had this big gold chain hanging out of the back pocket of his robes all day, staring me in the face. I just couldn't help myself.
Cernd: You know, for a girl who has been through so much and has only recently discovered herself to be Bhaalspawn, you have a remarkable talent for making light of things.
Imoen: Well, I suppose I could be all angsty and mope around, but I leave that to <CHARNAME>. Oh, wait... I think <HE/SHE> heard us. Let's go over here...

With Dorn[]

Imoen: <CHARNAME>, can I talk to you a moment?
1. Player: Of course, Imoen.
Imoen: Why are you hanging around with that half-orc? He's bad news.
1. Player: He's also a powerful ally.
Imoen: A powerful ally who kills more people than he talks to.
No! He's cruel, and violent, and frightening and just, just—
Dorn: I believe the word you're looking for is "magnificent."
Imoen: Just wrong.
Dorn: Wrong, girl? Wrong? Who are you to judge me?
Imoen: Someone with eyes and a heart.
Dorn: Eyes and a heart, but no brain.
Imoen: Says the guy who's got every bounty hunter from Waterdeep to Baldur's Gate after him.
Dorn: You called me cruel and violent and frightening. I am all these things. And for that, you should be grateful.
Imoen: Grateful? How do you figure that?
Dorn: That <CHARNAME> stands with you, and I stand with <HIM/HER>. We walk a dangerous path, the three of us. To survive, we must be even more dangerous.
How many have I killed defending <CHARNAME> and, by extension, you? How many predators gazed upon you, then saw me and turned their attention elsewhere?
Whether you know it or not, I protect you and all those who walk beside the Bhaalspawn. You owe me your thanks, but I'll not linger awaiting it.
Imoen: Bad news, <CHARNAME>. The worst.
2. Player: He has his uses.
Imoen: Fire has its uses, but hold it too close and sooner or later you're gonna get burned.
Dorn: The girl is right, <CHARNAME>.
I am a fiend, a villain, a blackguard. I am all these things and more, and for that, you should be grateful.
Imoen: Grateful? How do you (...)
3. Player: I know. He's glorious, isn't he?
Imoen: No! He's cruel, and violent, (...)
2. Player: If you think you can limit yourself to one moment, sure.
Imoen: Oh! I've been impaled on your rapier wit. Seriously, though.
Why are you hanging around (...)
3. Player: Only if I don't have to listen.
Imoen: Okay, I can see you're in a mood. I'll try later.

Imoen: Have you ever thought about becoming a pirate, Dorn?
Dorn: A pirate?
Imoen: I can just see it now... "Arr, me crewmen, burninate all the towns, in the name of me patron!"
Dorn: Scouring coasts, burning, destroying, and pillaging all I come across?
Imoen: Yeah!
Dorn: No. Do not speak to me again.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: Where is your bloodlust, girl? Your insatiable urge to kill? A child of Bhaal should be of more use than this.
Imoen: Oh, really?
Dorn: You battle your birthright more than your enemies. You are weak.
Imoen: Fighting the evil within me takes more strength than you will ever know, Dorn Il-Khan.
Dorn: There are other uses for that strength. Better ones.
(if Dorn swore loyalty to a demon:)
Imoen: I'm not like you. I don't want to be like you. I've seen what happens when a person gives in—it won't happen to me.
Dorn: You are the child of a god.
Imoen: I'm me. Imoen. And I'd like to stay that way.

With Edwin[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: You look a little down, Edwin. You're not upset, are you?
Edwin: My mood is no concern of yours, child.
Imoen: You've become less blustery, I think. Maybe... maybe you're mad everyone else is finding destinies and prophecies and generally surpassing you in every way?
Edwin: You go too far, girl! I hold none of you above me!
Imoen: I mean, even me, little frail Imoen, is a big scary child of Bhaal now! That's got to be frustrating.
Edwin: Now that is just nonsense! All of it!
Imoen: Hey Edwin! BOO!
Edwin: WHA—?! What... is it... NOW?!
Imoen: He flinched! The big bad mage flinched! HAHA! Oooh, look, I'm Bhaal. I'm big and scary, ooohh.
Edwin: Now that was just... you are just being...
Imoen: Oooooh, don't worry, the big bad Imoen won't scare you no more. Heeheehee... "Boo," I says, and he jumped out of his skin... *snicker*
Edwin: *grumble* ...whelp... child... monkey-brained... how would you like your flaming death, you... grrrr...

With Haer'Dalis[]

Throne of Bhaal only, if Haer'Dalis isn't in a romance :

Haer'Dalis: Ahh, Imoen, my wildflower. Have I ever told you that you've a most natural grace and innocent beauty about you? 'Tis something any man would find most charming.
Imoen: Hee hee. Yeah, okay, whatever. I don't know about my grace, but I'm not all that innocent, Haer'Dalis. I can smell a cheesy come-on from a mile away.
Haer'Dalis: 'Twas not meant as such. I've no intention of offending you.
Imoen: Uh-huh.
Haer'Dalis: 'Tis only that I see you in an unguarded moment at times... and I see the ache in your heart reflected in your eyes. It saddens this sparrow to know there is no one to hold you close, Imoen.
Imoen: I...
Haer'Dalis: But no doubt I overstep my bounds by saying so. It has only ever been my hope that you might one day give me the chance to be the one that comforts you. It would be an honor, my wildflower.
Imoen: Whew. Gosh, you're good.
Haer'Dalis: Yes, I know. 'Tis an art form that has served this sparrow well at times.
Imoen: Write a book. I'll buy it.

With Hexxat[]

Imoen: Heya, Hexxat. Can I talk to you?
Hexxat: Of course, Imoen. What can I do for you?
Imoen: I'm—not sure. I just thought you might be able to—help me?
Hexxat: With what?
Imoen: You know. What happened in Spellhold. Losing my soul. I thought—
Hexxat: I think I know what you thought.
Imoen: Well...?
Hexxat: I wish I had more to offer, Imoen. I sympathize with your plight—how could I not? But though I've been undead for centuries, it's still largely a new experience for me, thanks to the circumstances of my turning.
Imoen: I understand. Maybe you can tell me this, though. Do you ever get used to it? Does it get easier?
Hexxat: Yes. It does.
Imoen: Thank you. That helps a lot, it really does.
1. Player: Was that true, Hexxat? Does it get easier?
Hexxat: It's what she needed to hear. With luck, she'll never have to find out.
2. Player: It was good of you to say that.
Hexxat: I can be a good person when the occasion calls for it. Unfortunately, such occasions are few and far between.
3. Player: Why did you lie to Imoen, Hexxat?
Hexxat: She'd find little solace in the truth. I told her what she needed to hear.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: Would you like a donut, Hexxat?
Hexxat: Thank you, but no.
Imoen: You don't like donuts?
OH. Right. Vampire. Can't eat normal-people food.
It's just so easy to forget sometimes. You seem so... normal.
Hexxat: I'm glad someone can forget, if only momentarily. It's a luxury I am, regrettably, not afforded.

Throne of Bhaal only, after Hexxat finished her TOB quest :

Imoen: Can I ask you something, Hexxat?
Hexxat: Of course.
Imoen: Do you hate yourself?
Er. That came out wrong. What I meant to say was—
Hexxat: I know what you meant.
Imoen: Well...?
Hexxat: Would you enjoy it? Never dying, never enjoying food, never feeling the sun on your face? Never feeling warmth.
Imoen: No. I don't think I would. But there's more to it than that, isn't there?
Hexxat: Oh yes. Much more.

With Jaheira[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Jaheira: A moment, Imoen, if you don't mind?
Imoen: I suppose, Jaheira. What is it you want?
Jaheira: Well, that is just it, isn't it? You have been so formal to me, so distant. Is there something wrong?
Imoen: I don't... I'm not... Well, actually, I have been a little nervous around you because of... well...
Jaheira: Because of my association with the Harpers? I thought so. <CHARNAME> has suffered at the hands of many groups because of <HIS/HER> lineage, and now that you share it...
Imoen: I don't mean to be a stranger, but... people will see me differently now. I just know.
Jaheira: Let them see you however they wish. What can you do but just be yourself? I know these are only words, but... you will be fine.
Imoen: I know. Thanks though.

With Jan[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: You know, Jan... I was listening to a story you were telling a little earlier. I thought it was quite fascinating.
Jan: Indeed? Well, I must say I've never looked at goat cheese quite the same way again. And neither did poor Gilbert. Or any of his cats.
Imoen: And neither will <CHARNAME>, the way <HE/SHE> was groaning. Your story did remind me of a tale I heard back in Candlekeep, though.
Jan: Oh? A new story? My, my... you've got the tiniest toes on my gnomish feet wiggling like Aunt Petunia trying to get into her sunday dress. Let's hear it.
Imoen: Well, it just reminded me of the bowl of goat's milk that old Winthrop used to put outside his door every evening for the dust demons. He said the dust demons could never resist goat's milk, and that they would always drink themselves into a stupor and then be too tired to enter his room... that way he would never have to spend any of his time dusting because his room was always clean.
Jan: Ingenious! Go on.
Imoen: It turned out that dust demons gossip a lot, and their tale of Winthrop's nightly goat milk had spread. So along comes this three-armed balor (there's a longer story about why the balor had only three arms, and besides the fact that he was nicknamed "Smart Mouth" by the greater powers in the Abyss, I won't go into it any more than that) who flies into Candlekeep in the middle of the night and storms his way over to Winthrop's cell and drinks the milk. The balor, however, had misheard the gossip and thought that he was drinking the milk of a pregnant glabrezu. Don't ask me why.
Jan: Well, he must have been very disappointed. I know I would have been.
Imoen: Indeed he was. He put up such a fuss and racket, pounding on the door to Winthrop's cell, that he woke up just about everyone in the keep. Including Gorion, who usually slept pretty soundly and didn't wake up very well anyway. Well, Gorion was all groggy and thought the keep was under attack and just about blew the roof off with a series of fireballs and lightning bolts. <CHARNAME> was so scared <HE/SHE> cried like a baby.
Jan: Hmph. I don't blame <HIM/HER>. Uncle Scratchy once did something similar with a bad mixture of turnip stew and vinegar, but the smell was probably worse.
Imoen: Gorion was terribly angry. He was grumbling, and <CHARNAME> was bawling; people were running around everywhere... it was quite a scene. They banned goat's milk from the keep, which meant that Winthrop had to dust his own room after that point and taught him a lesson about trying to get out of work, as well.
Jan: Hmmm. What happened to the balor?
Imoen: Oh. The monks bought him off with a tome of jokes about baatezu. I hear he's been touring the Abyss ever since. Gets heckled a lot, but what do you expect for a comedian in Hell?
Jan: Hmmm. Hm. All right. Yes, very good job there, lass. At least one turnip reference might be called for in the future, but all-around well done.
Imoen: *giggle* I'll keep that in mind.

With Keldorn[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Keldorn: Imoen! What— Are you pawing at me yet again? Do you think I do not notice? You are attempting to pickpocket me, aren't you?!
Imoen: Oh! Well... no, I... I just thought... uh...
Keldorn: Just what? Out with it, girl. I won't have a party member stealing from me.
Imoen: No, no, that's not it! I... I was just... I was just trying to find out if you're as muscular under your armor as you look.
Keldorn: Eh? What's this?
Imoen: Oh, I know that you're married and all that, Keldorn... but do you have *any* idea how good you look? I... I can't help myself, I just want to touch you all the time!
Keldorn: Imoen! I... I have a daughter that is the same age as you!
Imoen: I don't know what it is, Keldorn... maybe it's the Bhaal essence in me. I just want to run my fingers through your hair and nibble on your ears! Oh, Keldorn, you drive me so wild!
Keldorn: By Torm, no! This is terrible! I... I had no idea I had this effect on you...
Imoen: Oh, get over yourself already, Keldorn! Sheesh. *giggle* Here's your ring back. I won't take it again, I promise.

With Korgan[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Korgan: Hmph! Imoen, ye're an o'erlame excuse fer a member o' this party, and I be tired of exertin' meself to protect ye! Next time, I let ye perish, screamin' like a ninny as ye does!
Imoen: The last time I saw you exert yourself over anything was the last slab of pork at an inn. If you could keep up with me with that beer gut of yours, I'd be amazed.
Korgan: Beer gut?! Why, ye stinkin' wench, how dare ye! Keep up with my keen axe as it flies towards yer head, more like! Though it'd be like splittin' a hair, skinny as ye are!
Imoen: I'd be startled if a drunk dwarven oaf like yourself could hit the broad side of a barn with your axe. And while we're talking about stench, let's talk about the last time you passed out in your own vomit.
Korgan: An outrage! Ye're a canker on me backside, and the world would be best rid of ye! Loathsome mongrel she-dog!
Imoen: Brutish pig! You're nothing but a boil needing lancing!
Korgan: I've seen harlots wi' less open sores than ye, ye pimple-faced, whining guttersnipe!
Imoen: You cantankerous, foul-mouthed excuse for a gully dwarf!
Korgan: Gully dwarf? Har har! Ye knows how to hit low, ye does! Har har! Ye're a fine, fine lass, ye are, Imoen. That Gorion of yers would be proud!
Imoen: Aw, gee. Thanks, Korgan!

With Mazzy[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Mazzy: Forgive me, Imoen, if I'm being too inquisitive, but I simply must know. Are you feeling any ill effects from the taint on your soul?
Imoen: Ill effects? What kind of ill effects? Irritableness? Nausea, tone deafness, sudden cravings for pasta in the middle of the night? That sort of thing?
Mazzy: I'm being serious. <CHARNAME> became the Slayer once, under stress... we must watch for similar signs in you.
Imoen: There's no guarantee that I'll do anything like <CHARNAME>, Mazzy. It may be too early to tell, even, for me... and even then I may not gain any of the powers <CHARNAME> has.
Mazzy: So are you saying you feel *no* different?
Imoen: Well... a little, maybe. I won't say it's been easy, but I don't know how you can help me, Mazzy.
Mazzy: Having an extra friend certainly couldn't hurt, Imoen.
Imoen: I suppose you're right. Thanks.

With Minsc[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: Minsc, I want a hamster.
Minsc: What, what? Well, an admirable decision, but Boo is not for sale.
Imoen: Not Boo, you goof. My own hamster. I just see how calming he is for you, and as a pet, he seems very easy to maintain. I just thought...
Minsc: OH! Well then, by all means! And yes, very little requirements. Food, shelter, and perhaps the little wheel. I have heard nothing but good things about the little wheel.
Imoen: Well, I don't want one right away. I doubt I could manage one on the road as well as you, but once this is done, maybe then.
Minsc: Of course. Boo is special among his kind, and quite resilient. Have I mentioned he is a miniature giant space hamster? I'm sure I have.
Imoen: Yes, you have, Minsc. Yes, you have.

With Nalia[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: Nalia, do you intend to go back to your castle once all of this is over?
Nalia: I don't know. Perhaps. If I do, though, things will have to be different.
Imoen: Different in what way?
Nalia: There'd be changes in the laws and taxation... and some real alterations to the system of land ownership. There's a base inequality amongst people that I can begin to address in my land.
Imoen: Wow. Sounds like you've given this some serious thought.
Nalia: Making changes in my father's duchy wouldn't be enough. I'd have to get onto the Council of Six as well... although that plan is a bit more complicated.
Imoen: That'd be a neat trick, bringing change to all of Amn. Wouldn't those Roenalls still be a thorn for you, though? And what about the Cowled Wizards?
Nalia: I'm an archmage, Imoen... just like you. The Roenalls won't stop me from doing what I know is right. And I could always join the Cowled Wizards... how many of them are as powerful as I?
Imoen: Okay, somebody's getting a little scary...
Nalia: Nonsense. It's called growing up. I have a responsibility as a noblewoman and a mage both, and eventually, I will have to live up to them.

With Neera[]

Neera: Heya, Imoen! I'm so sorry you had to spend so long in that... place. I can't imagine. Actually, I can, which makes it worse.
Imoen: Thanks, Neera. I'm just glad I'm out of there. I guess you can relate, what with the Red Wizards on your tail and all.
Neera: We ought to form a magical society to strike fear into the hearts of all conspiring wizards! We could battle Red Wizards, Cowled :Imoen: Wizards, wizards who steal souls... What other kinds of wizards are there? We could fight them, too.
Neera: I like the sound of that. We'll need a good name, though. I hate Cowled Wizards, Red Wizards, and Irenicus, obviously, but they've got good names.
Imoen: You're right. I'll think some up and get back to you.

Neera: Imoen? I was thinking. Green is the opposite of red, you know?
Imoen: I wasn't aware of that, but go on.
Neera: No books on color theory at Candlekeep? Well, it's true. Green is the opposite of red. And we oppose the Red Wizards of Thay. So how about we call our magical society the Green Wizards of Amn? Zaviak would love it!
Imoen: I don't think so. We're not actually from Amn, and "green" makes us sound like druids.
Neera: You're right, you're right. Did you come up with anything?
Imoen: I thought about what our enemies have in common, and basically, they're all evil. So if we oppose them, couldn't we be simply the... Good Wizards?
Neera: Yes! We could also name our adventuring band "Adventuring Band." Meanwhile, Athkatla could start calling itself "Well-Populated City."
Imoen: Point taken. This is harder than I thought it would be.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: The Soulful Wizards. The Uncowled Wizards. The Uncowled Green Wizards.
Imoen: I really don't think "green" should be a part of it, even if it is the opposite of red.
Neera: The Magical Women. The Wizards of Hope. The Witches of What.
Imoen: The Witches of What?
Neera: Yeah, I don't know where that came from. Wild surge, I guess.
Imoen: Ooh! The Sorcerers of Surge.
Neera: Sorcerers of Surge? That makes no sense. We're not sorcerers, and you don't use wild magic.
Imoen: I give up! We've spent hours working on this and have nothing.
Neera: I don't think it's a bad way to pass the time, but I suppose you're right. Let's give it a rest.
(if present in party:)
Jaheira: That sounds like a fine idea.
Korgan: And well it be, ye nattering harpies! Another day of that rot and I'd have cut out yer tongues.
Viconia: At last you insipid girls end your insipid entertainment.
Minsc: Boo and Minsc wish you found a good name! But Minsc and Boo are also not sorry you've stopped looking.
Nalia: Oh, good. I pride myself on my tolerance, but I'd not have been able to take much more.
Aerie: I could have come up with some good ones! I wish you'd asked me…
Anomen: Thus ends one of my most severe tests of duty and self-restraint.
Keldorn: I am sad to hear your prattle end. You remind me of my daughters.
Cernd: And so they cease, and I have an ear for the stream, wind, and wood again.
Haer'Dalis: My sparrows have ceased their twittering? It is good; the cat was ready to pounce.
Sarevok: Finally. Compared to you two, the shrieks of the Abyss are music to my ears.
Valygar: I have never liked the incantations of mages; their idle chatter is no better.
Dorn: Mark me, <CHARNAME>—this will be but a temporary respite. Say the word and I shall silence them permanently.
Mazzy: Arvoreen smiles on me this day.
Jan: The Landing Buttresses. The Congregation of Yams. The Pollywog Snacks. What? It's over?! Oh no!
Hexxat: We should enjoy the silence while we may.
Rasaad: Let us reflect in silence, blessed silence.

With Rasaad[]

Imoen: What was it like for you, Rasaad? Growing up in the Sun Soul order?
Rasaad: It was not an easy life, but it was a good one. We— I was fortunate enough to be taken in by the order. Left to the streets of Calimport, I would surely be dead by now.
Imoen: It must have been something. <CHARNAME> and I were raised in Candlekeep. A nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to be raised there.
Rasaad: <CHARNAME> has told me of Gorion. You were fortunate to have such a man to raise you.
Imoen: I guess so. I just wish he'd raised us somewhere else. Somewhere more interesting. Somewhere like Calimport.
Rasaad: Calimport is a city of wonders, but it was not all enjoyable, I assure you of that.
1. Player: Imoen's always had trouble grasping the idea that the grass on the other side of the fence is invariably a brighter shade of green.
Imoen: That's just what the people on the other side of the fence want you to believe. They want to hog all the nice grass for themselves.
2. Player: And Candlekeep was not nearly as boring as Imoen would have you believe.
Imoen: Only because you were there. We made our own fun.
Player: We did at that.
3. Player: No place is. Not in this world. *ends conversation*

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: What do you think?
Rasaad: About what, Imoen?
Imoen: My hair, dummy. What do you think?
Rasaad: Has it changed?
Imoen: YES! Look at it. Does it LOOK the same?
Rasaad: I... yes?
Imoen: You could at least TRY lying convincingly.
Rasaad: You would have me lie to you?
Imoen: Forget it. Don't worry about it.
Rasaad: Have I done something wrong?
Imoen: If you have to ask, then yeah, you probably have.

With Sarevok[]

Imoen: What... what was it like to die, Sarevok? Seeing as you've been through the experience repeatedly, I can't help but wonder if you've developed some... perspective on it?
Sarevok: Do you intend for me to believe that a weakling such as yourself has never needed to be revived by a priest? Bah! I imagine this group has gained a discount at the temple of Helm for you, dear sister.
Imoen: Yeah, but that's different. That's just some blackness and it's like, "Oops, here you go!" I don't think I've ever been really, really dead like you have.
Sarevok: Keep prodding me, and that could quickly change.
Imoen: Oh, you don't fool me. I'm an archmage, after all... and you're nothing but bluster. Tell me what I want to know!
Sarevok: The knowledge would do you no good now, dear sister. And by the time you need it, it will be too late. Now leave me be... your constant chirruping is giving me a headache.

If Imoen gave part of her soul to Sarevok :

Imoen: So... Sarevok. You've had an itty-bitty piece of my soul in there for quite a while now. What's it been like?
Sarevok: *sigh* Well, other than a slight obsession with my weight and the resurgence of a few pimples, it's been simply grand. Now leave me be, girl.
Imoen: No, I'm serious. Does the fact that you've got a piece of me inside you make any difference at all? Tell me... you owe me that much.
Sarevok: What do you wish to know, girl? What are you curious about?
Perhaps you would be interested to know that I can feel the knives of Irenicus, slicing into my skin, torturing me. I can feel his hands and his breath, I *know* what he did to you, girl...
Imoen: All—all right, stop... I wasn't really serious...
Sarevok: How about the agony you felt as your soul was ripped from you? The despair at being left only with the cold voices of your tainted heart, discovering what was inside you all along?
How about the hurt you keep deep down within, wondering if you weren't good enough for Gorion? Wondering why you're a Bhaalspawn? How about the loneliness... the unrequited longing you—
Imoen: Stop! Enough... I won't bother you, Sarevok, just—
(if Sarevok is still evil:)
Sarevok: You are pathetic, girl. When the true Bhaalspawn come to claim your essence, I hope you bring yourself not to flop onto your back at the first hint of danger!
Imoen: I... I was enough to help kill you once, Sarevok! And I'll stand by <CHARNAME> to the end, just you wait. It was... obviously a mistake to talk to you. Excuse me.
(if Sarevok is no longer evil:)
Sarevok: I feel many things, Imoen. And I know that you are stronger than you think you are.
Imoen: I... thanks, Sarevok. I guess. Um... excuse me...

With Valygar[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: So, Valygar... word on the street is that ya killed your parents. Is that true? Sounds pretty horrid, if ya ask me.
Valygar: You consider *this* acceptable casual conversation? Just walk up and ask someone if they killed their parents?
Imoen: Would you prefer to let the rumor mill have its way?
Valygar: I couldn't care less what people have to say about me. People have talked about my family all my life.
Imoen: Well, that's a pretty sour attitude. You know, they say your face freezes like that.
Valygar: For someone who supposedly has her soul tainted by the evil of a dead god, you remind me considerably of a chipmunk with a sugar high and a death wish.
Imoen: Ooo! Funny! That's good!
Valygar: I try my best.

With Viconia[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Viconia: I am curious over something, Imoen. Your sibling saved you from imprisonment and restored your soul. Yet for all this, you have never shown proper gratitude. Why is that?
Imoen: Proper gratitude? I'd hate to think what your idea of proper gratitude would be, Viconia.
Viconia: You owe <CHARNAME> your entire being. You should, at the very least, act as <HIS/HER> personal slave. Cater to <HIS/HER> every whim.
Imoen: <CHARNAME> is my half-<BROTHER/SISTER>, you know! I owe <HIM/HER> my life, but let's not take it that far!
Viconia: Your common parent is a god. This hardly counts towards any sort of common genetic bond, and it's even less of a reason to shirk what you owe <CHARNAME>.
Imoen: <CHARNAME> and I grew up together. I love <HIM/HER> just as I loved Gorion. <CHARNAME> might feel differently, I don't know... but it doesn't matter.
Come what may, no matter how bad things get or whatever <CHARNAME> does, I'll stick by <HIS/HER> side. I would die for <HIM/HER>, Viconia. I would give up the soul that <HE/SHE> saved for <HIM/HER>.
Viconia: Well, that would be a start.
Imoen: What about you, Viconia? How many times has <CHARNAME> saved *your* life? Would you do the same for <HIM/HER>? Would you put *your* life on the line?
(if Viconia is in a romance with Gorion's Ward:)
Viconia: I... I would. I love <HIMHER>, and you know this weakness of mine exists. Perhaps it is good that we have... something... in common, no? But enough of your mewling... let us be off.
(if Viconia is not in a romance with Gorion's Ward:)
Viconia: I... that was not the question, elg'caress. I support <CHARNAME> and always have, and I will not have you question me. Let us be off.