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Imnesvale Inn is the local inn and tavern for the village of Imnesvale in the Umar Hills. during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.


This structure is the heart of the village, providing tavern facilities and an Inn for travellers. A stable is in the rear, but not shown. The main floor has a bar and counter, tables for patrons, a storage room behind the bar, and furnished bed chamber suites. The exterior artwork of the building shows a second floor with windows, however that floor is not mapped. Perhaps it's the Inn's staff living area or loft.


Safe rest is available if the party wishes bed and board for a fee. A selection of beverages is also available to purchase. Remember that local rumors can be generated with the purchase of drinks, with the more expensive variety giving a better chance of a juicy rumor. Overdoing it can lead to becoming Intoxicated, but you only live once, unless you are friends with the Temple, then maybe more than once.

Its owner Vincenzo the Innkeep will be the point of contact to access the Tavern services. He is one of the locals who strongly believes in the continued survival of the Umar Witch, and sells a unique book, the Umar Witch Project Journal - in fact, multiple copies of this book can be found for free in crates in the rearmost room of the inn.

Customers within the Inn can be addressed, and conversation and dialogue developed. The party has to initiate this. All of the characters in the Inn can be addressed, although the "sleeping women" is not one of those. The information gleaned from chit chat will further the understanding by the party of the mood of the village regarding current events.

Beginning in the late evening hours, several of the group of merchants who set up stalls outside the Inn will move into the tavern. In the morning they will open up their business again in front of the Inn's exterior. An exception to this group is Fael, who seems is available 24/7 just outside the Inn.

There is an opportunity for a rogue to attempt some stealthy pilfering with pickpocketing abilities. One never knows what might be upon a tavern patron's person.


If the party wishes to rummage through the various containers within, they may do so. Without spoiling the adventure, this page will point out that one of the containers has an alarm feature, that could lead to the authorities responding to theft. There are several items of value and potential use scattered throughout. As is normal by this stage of the saga, a rogue with detection and disarming of traps is useful. Lockpicking skills are needed too.

Notable Items[]

Characters Inside the Inn[]

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Trials of the Luremaster mod begins in the Imnesvale Inn. To find out and agree (or not) to take on the adventure, speak with Hobart Stubbletoes in the center of the tavern. He's a halfling.

Installation of Eilistraee's Song mod has an encounter within the tavern involving a Hooded Figure and an important book.


People involved with the Inn[]

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