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Imix is a high-Level evil Prince of Fire Elementals that is currently within Yaga-Shura's Keep, near Yaga-Shura's Lair. Imix will engage the party in a hostile manner once detected, along with Burning Man allies. Imix uses the standard fire elemental animation, although a constant Fireshield (Red) graphic is also upon the creature as well.


Imix is in most respects an upper echelon Fire Elemental. The creature has some passive immunities, and a few special powers. Some of these are granted by undroppable items equipped.

Imix also wears the Amulet of the Master Harper in its neck slot, and will receive the powers of that item, which in regard to Imix are immunity to Silence and a bonus to Armor Class rating. These are included in the InfoBox figures.

The elemental is able to see invisible or hidden foes by script, as long as they are within its range of detection.

When the creature strikes an opponent in melee combat, it will apply crushing and fire damage, and will also manifest a moderate Dispel Magic effect. Details can be reviewed on the Imix's Weapon page.

Party members within close quarters of Imix, about 6' distance, who attack the creature are subject to a retaliatory special Fireshield (Red) effect. This will occur on any kind of attack that targets Imix in range, such as melee weapons, missile fire or spells cast. This ability is permanent and can't be removed or dispelled. It always activates upon an attack on Imix.

Obviously Imix is of the elemental plane of fire, so party members should not try fire damaging spells or attacks at the creature, which may actually heal the beast. This includes a party member with a Fireshield (Red) spell of their own.


Imix is primarily scripted to engage with its melee attacks, and moves toward detected enemies to do so.

Initially the creature will force cast its innate special version of Flame Strike (SPIMIX.spl) at the closest target but may strike party members further back as well. This ability can be performed periodically during the battle. The ability can't be disrupted or interrupted. The ability can be blocked by magic resistance and is a level 5 Power level spell effect, meaning that many spell protections can stop it. Additionally, the innate ability is classified as an Invocation spell and Offensive Damage type.

Note that the Wave halberd weapon will make short work of Imix, as it has no immunity to the special Fire Elemental Class/Race killing ability of that polearm.

If defeated, Imix drops the Amulet of the Master Harper and the Ravager halberd.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod Improves Yaga Shura's Keep and all creature's within and without as a whole. Along with the changes, Imix is also improved and enhanced. Imix remains similar in most respects to the unmodified version. Some changes are however made. An improved AI script is assigned and some additional abilities:

  • Hit Points are 480
  • Strength is now 23
  • THAC0 is -5
  • Immune to Web, Entangle and Plant Growth as well as those animations.
  • Melee attack is now +5 enchantment.

Imix will initially empower itself with a Greater Whirlwind Attack, a text display reads "Who calls Imix, Prince of Fire?". Seconds later it will blast out a "Starfire" spell effect, which is identical to a Red Dragon Breath attack. This attack also adds a secondary effect that will apply a knockback effect on any foes in the AoE, which can cause brief unconsciousness (save vs spell with -10 penalty) as well as 1d8+12 Crushing damage. A text displays on the combat log reads "Feel the wrath of Imix!"

Following this action, the prince will call forth a Fire Storm, identical to the cleric spell. Note that this spell can slowly heal Imix if it is within the AoE and it has any hit point damage.

Expect a rapid flurry of melee attacks from the creature, especially while under its Greater Whirlwind. Imix still retains the ability to cast the special single-target Flame Strike at eligible targets, about every two rounds and alongside melee attacks.

Imix's AI will assess weaknesses and vulnerabilities of opponents by script. It will prioritize attacks on those helpless, vulnerable or compromised that it can detect.

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