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Iltha is a female fighter and the daughter of Garren Windspear. She will appear inside the Windspear Cabin after her father leaves to plead for mercy, on behalf of the party, with friend's of his within the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart.

I am glad. He is a trusting sort. That is why Lord Jierdan Firkraag was able to usurp his lands. My father languishes while Jierdan lives the high-life.

— Iltha


While her father is gone, bandits sent by Lord Jierdan will arrive and kidnap her. This begins the Rescue Garren's child from Firkraag side quest.

Note: Windspear's child's sex is binary in that — if Gorion's Ward is a male, than the child is a girl named Iltha and if the Ward is a female, then the child is a boy named Taar.


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