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Il-Khan Battle Mage is a mage in Saradush whom is one of Gromnir Il-Khan allies. He will be encountered when the protagonist fights in Gromnir's Hideout during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 8.


The mage stands to Gromnir's left hand side at the beginning of this encounter - he has no dialogue. The creature is nearly identical copy of the Karun the Black file, including spell use script and equipment.

When hostilities commence, the mage applies (instant uninterruptible casting) Improved Mantle and Stoneskin, followed by another set of instantly applied buffs to include Mislead, Fireshield (Red) and Globe of Invulnerability. Another battery of protective magics will be deployed later in the battle on self.

After that will cast True Sight and then attempt a Spell Turning.

If the mage is silenced, he will apply a Vocalize. Should any Summoned creatures enter his detection range, a Death Spell will be tried to banish them.

All of the disabling and offensive spells listed in the InfoBox are scripted for use, and most are done sequentially and on timed intervals to detected targets.

After a few rounds, expect a Time Stop.

The AI for this mage does not recognize the party's protections or buffs and will cast spells without regard to that. The script is rigid in that Karun has no means to dispel magic or Breach or remove spell protections. He just chucks spells and waits to see what happens.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

With the Ascension mod some revisions are made to this mage, mostly to enhance its powers and abilities.

Combined with the Sword Coast Stratagems mod, an excellent overhaul to the AI and Ascension scripts is made. Using both mods together will improve the challenge and ensure scripts and compatibility with the EE game are realized.

The mage is now a female, and may have a Conjurer Kit assigned. She has Intelligence raised to 18 (so can legally cast level 9 spells). The mage is equipped with some additional items in a quick slot Potion of Superior Healing for self healing.

When hostilities begin the mage will apply (previously cast) spells to include, Mirror Image, Shadow Door, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Turning, Spell Immunity Abjuration (or Dispelling Screen with SR), Shield (spell), Protection From Normal Missiles, Stoneskin, Mind Blank with SR, and Non-Detection.

From this point on the SCS Smarter Mage scripts will evaluate opponent protection and vulnerabilities to help determine what offensive or conjuration spells will be attempted. Expect an Invisible Stalker, and a Fire Elemental to be summoned. She also has prepared contingency and spell triggers it can deploy almost instantly, with several Protection From Magical Weapons, Improved Mantle (or Prismatic Mantle with SR}, and another Stoneskin.

The mage can Spell Thrust, cast Breach and has a Khelben's Warding Whip ready. A Fallen Planetar can be gated in for support. Watch out for the Imprisonment spell.

With the Spell Revisions mod all cast spells will be the SR variety and also all conjured creatures as well.