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Disambiguation icon This page is about the general game mechanics of identifying items. For the specific wizard spell, see Identify (spell).

Some special, enchanted or cursed items need to be identified before you can understand what they do.

If a character is able to "automatically" identify, is determined by their lore – which depends on their class and level and on their intelligence and wisdom: bards have the highest base lore value, followed by mages, sorcerers and thieves. The higher level, intelligence and wisdom, the higher lore becomes.

If a party has no character with sufficient lore to identify a specific item, a wizard can use the spell "Identify" or its scroll for this. Stores and temples offer identification as a service, though for a charge.


Unidentified items will usually have a generic and usually inaccurate name, their equipped ability are constant but charge abilities are sealed until identified. Once identified, the true name and purpose of the item is revealed.

As of the Tales of the Sword Coast Expansion, unidentified items will appear with a blue watermark over them in your inventory. The watermark will disappear after the identification.

Move mouse over to the item then right click, the character will try to identify the item using their lore. You can also identify items with an Identify scroll or spell. This saves you having to locate a temple or store and saves you 100gp.