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An Ice Troll is a smaller troll from colder climes. A few of these can be found outside of the de'Arnise Keep during the Shadows of Amn campaign.

With their affinity to cold, they are 75% resistant to Cold damage (both magical and mundane).

While unconscious and regenerating, the troll is impervious to cold, electrical, crushing, piercing, slashing and missile damage. Only acid, fire and magic may damage it.


  • There are two creature files; one is used while the troll is conscious and able to fight (TrolIc01.cre) the other when it is unconscious (TrolIc02.cre).


  • Trolls normally have an increased movement speed of 11 (instead of 9) granted by a Troll version of Boots of Speed (TROLLBOO.ITM). For the Ice Troll, however, this was equipped in the unconscious creature file, not in the active file.

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