Baldur's Gate Wiki

The Ice Mist creatures are located with the Guardian of Ice in the Watcher's Keep Elemental Level Ice Laboratory.


This undead creature is nigh invulnerable to death and being harmed, at least until a specific action is taken by the party.

The creature will be periodically healed due to the snow drift vents in the frigid ice laboratory chamber.

The party can overcome this problem by implementing the plan outlined in the Slime Library Note. The methodology outlined in the note may be the only way to make these creatures vulnerable and allow a chance to destroy them.

If the actions described in the note are properly performed, the Ice Mist creatures will lose their near total invulnerability and can be harmed by several standard attack options. This action will remove the special ring that bestows their invulnerability.

When faced in close quarters combat with these creatures, their melee attacks can inflict physical damage, cold damage and expose the target to a potential Panic effect, although a saving throw is allowed to resist it. For more information see the details on their Weapon page.

Ice mist creatures can see/sense invisible and hidden creatures in their detection range.