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The Ice Golem is the Guardian of Ice found in the Ice Laboratory on the Watcher's Keep Elemental Level.


This golem creature was constructed and devised by the former Ice Elementalist Wizard, as well as the special Ice Mist creatures found alongside it.

Once the party is in possession of the Slime Scepter, the locked gate on the connection to the Slime Library that bars entry into the Ice Laboratory can be opened, and the party can enter that chamber where the creature is. The gate connecting to the Ice Library will still locked until the party possesses the Ice Scepter.

If the party enters the Ice Laboratory the guardian and ice mists will attack. The guardian will launch a Cone of Cold after a short delay at any detected enemy. This can be done again on a timed basis, over and over, depending on how long the creature is viable.

The guardian and mists will attempt to close to melee range and attack the nearest enemy they can find.

If the party has not performed the actions described in the Slime Library Note, they will quickly find out that the creatures in the ice laboratory are immune to all attempts to damage or harm them by the party.

The Ice chamber itself gives an advantage to the ice creatures within, as the bone chilling temperatures will apply a transient Slow effect upon any party members who venture within.

Trying to draw these creatures out of the Ice Laboratory will prove difficult, as they will only move so far from their protective chamber before moving back inside.

In order to actually destroy these creatures, the Ice Laboratory chamber must be flooded with the toxic vapors produced in the Slime Laboratory, as described in the Slime Library Note. This action requires opening connecting gates and activating the magical fan to maximum - basically blowing air from the fan chamber, into the Slime laboratory, through the Slime Library and into the Ice Laboratory. Only then, when a party member enters the Ice lab will a poison cloud appear and render the ice creatures vulnerable to attacks.

Recover the Ice Scepter from the dead Ice Golem guardian. This scepter allows the opening of the Ice lab's connecting gate to the Ice Library.