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II-Khan Soldier is a game file name for several soldier types associated with Saradush and Gromnir Il-Khan in the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal part of the saga, Baldur's Gate II Chapter 8.

Types of Soldiers[]

The game has created four varieties of these soldiers, all sharing the same file creature name. Each type has more than one creature resource .cre file assigned. Individual pages are prepared for viewing by selecting the links, below:

II-Khan Soldier (Male Berserker)[]

II-Khan Soldier (Orc Kensai)[]

II-Khan Soldier (Female Fighter)[]

II-Khan Soldier (Female Berserker)[]


These soldiers are loyal to Gromnir Il-Khan, and not officially part of the city Militia. They are found in various places and in various quantities in the city of Saradush, their barracks, as well as in other areas below the city, and within the Saradush castle areas.