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The Infinity Engine Structures Description Project, or IESDP, is a comprehensive multi-decade resource still actively maintained to this day.[1] All Baldur's Gate games use the Infinity Engine.


According to the website's FAQ[2], the IESDP is an effort to research the workings of the Bioware Infinity Engine®, and act as a collective resource for those interested in such workings.


According to the website's FAQ[2], the goal of this project is:

  • To provide all possible information and assistance for add-on /add-in/ Total Conversions authors/developers and editors that use Infinity Engine as the base
  • To provide information and assistance for tools programmers
  • To research requested information

Status Effects information[]

One of the areas most useful to this Wiki's readers might be the pages on status effects. They are of course quite a bit technical, but very thorough and rarely incorrect or incomplete. The Infinity Engine version used varies from game to game, so pick the right IESDP link based on your needs:

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