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Human Flesh is a piece of armor in Baldur's Gate II, similar to Leather Armor +1. It offers a basic armor class of 7, with penalties of 2 against piercing and missile attacks.

The armor can be upgraded to Human Flesh +5 if brought to Fael, along with the Blood of a Silver Dragon which can be acquired by slaying Adalon in the Underdark.


Human Flesh

This is a tunic made from the badly sewn together human flesh that you took from the tanner's house in the Bridge District. If completed it may make serviceable armor, albeit only the most evil of humans could wear such a vile item.



  • The normal version also has an Enchantment Level of 5. Since this level isn't used in combat (only weapon enchantment levels make a difference), it is not affecting gameplay.
  • The normal version has a higher item number(LEAT22) than the upgraded (LEAT21), which suggests that it was added to the game as the enhanced version and later the lesser version was added, given that it's obtainable rather early in the game.

Human Flesh +5[]

Human Flesh +5 is a leather armor which offers a basic armor class of 3 (5 vs. piercing and missile), a bonus of 4 to saving throws, +20% to magic resistance and +20% to move silently.

It can be made by "Fael" in the Umar Hills if you bring him the above normal version and the Blood of a Silver Dragon, obtained by slaying Adalon in the Underdark. Buy History of the Zhentarim from him and then tell him his real name.


Human Flesh +5

Made from human skin and treated with the blood of a noble dragon, this armor emits the stench of bitter death. The malevolent armor can only be used by a truly evil person.