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Humans are the most common race and rule most of the civilizations of Faerûn. They are generally considered the scale against which the traits of other races are measured as weaker or stronger. Unlike all other races, humans can pursue any course in life. They could well be defined as privileged over other races, especially outcasts such as half-orcs whose options in life are severely limited. Despite their privilege, individual humans are no better or worse than members of any other race and are generally kind and hospitable to their own and others.

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Any dual-class build, Conjurer monk or paladin.

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Anything single-class anything playable by another race.

Humans are the 'standard race.' They don't have any bonuses, but don't have any downsides. However, they do have a powerful tool: dual-classing. This allows you to give up what you were currently leveling up in, in order to go full-time down another class. It's effectively multi-classing with all the benefits and none of the downsides (except in rare cases.) It's also the only way to "multi-class" with kits. Humans are also the only race that can become a paladin, and one of the two races that can go Bard. Stalkers and archers cannot dual-class to Cleric, meaning an elf would be ideal for those roles.

On the upside, dual-classing is extremely powerful, in many ways more so than multi-classing. Unlike multi-classers, dual-classed humans have almost no wasted experience anywhere. On the downside, Humans have the lowest minimum stats for just about every stat out of every race. This can be rather annoying when trying to make a character that has to have high stats in just about every area for your dual-class plan as you can get really bad rolls in certain spots that negate really good rolls in others. Further, the demihuman races outclass humans in just about every single-class option there is. Apart from those classes that cannot dual-class, you'll see very few pure-classed humans. Their lack of real weaknesses allows them to excel in almost any area.

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Humans are the predominant race in Faerûn. Humans rule most of the significant empires and kingdoms in the Forgotten Realms. They are the most social and tolerant of races, excepting perhaps the halflings. The only special ability that human possess is that they may advance as any class. Humans are also the only race that can dual-class. Humans may not multi-class.

Humans have the following traits:

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