Hulls sword

Find Hull's sword and an antidote in the Candlekeep Barracks

Hull's Sword is a side quest in the Baldur's Gate Prologue stage of Baldur's Gate.

Speak to Hull, one of the guards in Candlekeep. He tells you that he forgot his sword in the barracks after a long night of drinking. Go to the barracks and, in the northeast corner, you will find an unlocked chest.

Open the chest and take the contents (Hull's Long Sword and an antidote), then return to Hull with the sword to complete the quest and collect your reward.


  • Triggered By: Speaking with Hull
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Hull's Sword
  • Entry Title: Hull's Sword
  • Quest Begins:
    Hull, one of the ever-present Watchers here in Candlekeep, forgot his sword in the barracks this morning. He has asked me to fetch the weapon from its resting place in the chest against the right wall.
  • Quest Completed (if Gorion's Ward's Charisma is at least 18):
    The Gatewarden sure must have been in a surly mood, today, because Hull paid a full 20 gp for that sword of his!
  • Quest Completed (if Gorion's Ward's Charisma is less than 18):
    Hull gave me 10 gp for bringing him his own dumb sword. I should have charged him extra for the tongue-lashing he gave me, though.


  • Despite what the dialogue and journal entry suggest, the result of the quest is dependent not on the time taken to retrieve the sword, but rather the Charisma score of Gorion's Ward. If it is 18 or above, Hull will thank you for the delivery and offer 20Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 as a reward. If it is lower than 18, he will berate you and hand over only 10Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1. This is particularly evident if one acquires the sword before the quest with less than 18 Charisma, in which case Hull will still chastise you even if the sword was delivered immediately after speaking to him.