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Hull's Sword, also known as Hull's long sword[1] and Hull's Sword & Medicine,[2] is a side quest during the Prologue of Baldur's Gate.

Hull, one of the ever-present Watchers here in Candlekeep, forgot his sword in the barracks this morning. He has asked me to fetch the weapon from its resting place in the chest against the right wall.

— Journal: Hull's Sword[3]


Hull (Prologue) BG1EE

Upon speaking to Hull, opposite of the southern entrance to the inner grounds and near Candlekeep's main gate, he tells that he "woke late this morning and left [his] sword in the barracks before going on duty."[4] He would appreciate if somebody could get it for him "before the Gatewarden catches [him] without it."[4] Hull mentions that the antidote, requested by Dreppin, can be found in the same "chest at the foot of [his] bed on the right side of the barracks."[4]

Note: Though Hull says "quick now",[4] there's no timer for the quest: the reward is instead influenced by how he reacts to the deliverer.

The barracks are located to the west, past the bunkhouse. Fuller there, who might himself have an errand for Gorion's Ward, has a nice background story for Hull's forgetfulness and points to the position of his chest to the right as well if Hull is mentioned – the only chest on the eastern wall, and also the only unlocked chest in the barracks.

Note: Opening any locked chest will alarm the watchers. Just unlocking them, however, yields experience in the Enhanced Edition.

Fetching Hull's long sword, together with the antidote, and delivering it to him will yield experience and a certain amount of gold, depending on his reaction.


The exact reward and the final journal entry depend on Hull's reaction to the character who returns the sword.

Reaction 14 or lower
Hull gave me 10 gp for bringing him his own dumb sword. I should have charged him extra for the tongue-lashing he gave me, though.

— Journal: Hull's Sword (Finished)[5]

Reaction 15 or higher
The Gatewarden sure must have been in a surly mood today, because Hull paid a full 20 gp for that sword of his!

— Journal: Hull's Sword (Finished)[6]



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