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Hull is a member of the Candlekeep Watchers in Baldur's Gate and a friend Gorion's Ward.

During the Prologue, he is found standing at his post near the inner main gate of Candlekeep. When approached, he tells Gorion's Ward that he forgot his sword in the barracks after a long night of drinking and also mentions the antidote Dreppin needs for his cow.

During Chapter Six he is found in front of the bunkhouse. If you ask him about the Iron Throne, he'll mention the two members currently in the library and that winthrop might know something more about the merchant guild.

He'll be found one more time inside a small room on the second level of the Candlekeep Catacombs, although this time he's really a doppelganger in disguise. After a brief dialogue, the doppelganger will transform and attack.



(No replies are possible)

"Hey, kid, I woke late this morning and left my sword in the barracks before going on duty. If you want to get it for me, it's in the chest at the foot of my bed on the right side of the barracks. Quick now, before the Gatewarden catches me without it. You'll also find an antidote there. I think Dreppin needs one for old Nessa." b

When you return with the sword:
Reaction ≥ 15

"Thanks, kiddo. Gorion didn't bring you up half bad, did he? You're lucky to have grown up here in Candlekeep, to be honest. Sometimes I think that the world outside these gates has gone mad, what with all this fighting over iron shortages and all. Amn and Baldur's Gate will be at war before the season's out, mark my words... Anyhow, I'm on duty. Here's 20 gold pieces for saving my skin from the Chief."

Reaction ≤ 14

"Took your sweet time, didn't you? Gorion's a fool for trying to bring you up right and you can tell him I said so, too. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this whole iron crisis is the result of twerps like you wandering off with people's swords. Here's 10 gold pieces. Now get out of here, I'm on duty."

If you speak to Hull without the sword:

"Don't make me beg, kid! Now get my sword before the Gatewarden has my hide!"

Any further conversation attempt:

'Ssh, kid. I'm on duty."

Chapter Six[]

"Now there's a face I never thought I'd see again in a million years. When we heard about Gorion's passing, Fuller and I went out to gather his body but you were nowhere to be seen. I don't know what you two came across that night but Gorion died a noble death saving you from it."

1- That night's all a blur. We were ambushed and he told me to run, so I did.
"It's good that you did, kid, or you wouldn't be here to talk to me right now. There's never been any shame in running every now and again."
2- I need your help, Hull.
"What kind of help?"
2a- Can I have one of those potions of antidote you always had on you?
"Best hangover cure I ever found but, from the sounds of it, you've got a more important use for it. Here, let me give you one now."
2b- What can you tell me about the Iron Throne?
"The Iron Throne? They're a merchant's guild, I think. Winthrop probably knows more about them than I do... On the other hand, two of them are in the libraries right now. They've been around for a few days now. Said they had some business to conduct here."
3- Thanks for taking care of his remains, Hull. I didn't have the means. Someday we'll sit down over a mug of ale and I'll tell you about it.
"I look forward to it, kid."

Any further conversation attempt:

"Yeah, I'm on duty right now but maybe we can share a few drinks when my shift's over."


Stole Hull's special elixir, did you? And fed it to the cows, no less! You'll rue the day you even met me, <Gorion's Ward>!




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