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House of Desharik's Lover or Cayia's Home is a freestanding residence on the Southwest Part of Brynnlaw, on a main street. This residence is home to Pirate Lord Desharik's lover, Cayia, although the party may not become aware of that until much later, or perhaps not at all.


This single-level structure with a flat roof. It has one doorway. The internal layout is just one room, furnished with beds, table and chairs and some storage chests, shelving, wardrobe and similar mundane home accouterments.


The home can be entered anytime. No one is home.

The exception to this is after accepting an optional questline associated with Saemon Havarian and his plan to steal Pirate Lord Desharik's ship to depart Brynnlaw. This is only available after resolving the Spellhold confrontation with Irenicus. That plot requires obtaining the Pirate Horn from Cayia, who is Desharik's current lover.

See the Leaving the island page for details about this questline.


There are several containers that can be examined within the area. These can be rummaged through, and anything found can be removed.

  • A locked chest (difficulty 76) with a Random treasure.
  • A central table has a Rogue Stone, and Random Treasure. It will also have the Pirate Horn if that associated plot is activated.
  • A wardrobe which is trapped (difficulty 70) with a Random Treasure within.


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