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The Hooded Man is a person in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

The Mystery[]

First met at the Ducal Palace while preparing to march on Dragonspear Castle, the Hooded Man seemed very interested in Gorion's Ward, asking several pointed questions. He demonstrates an ability to enter even heavily guarded areas, as well as the ability to prevent the guards from hearing calls for help.

He is also later seen in a cutscene speaking with Caelar Argent and forcibly using magic to analyze her heritage.

Later, as seen in a scrying pool, Hephernaan seems aware of both who the Hooded Man is and his interest in the Bhaalspawn, though the brief glimpse does not reveal much to the watching Gorion's Ward.

He also appears repeatedly in Gorion's Ward's dreams, though it is unclear if this is prophetic, actual dream manipulation, or the fertile imagination of the child of a god.


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The Hooded Man is none other than Jon Irenicus.