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Hobgoblin Wizards are only encountered in the Shadows of Amn campaign.

Hobgoblin Wizard's are hobgoblins that have obtained the skills necessary to cast mage spells. They are equipped with no armor and swing a Mace in melee combat.


Will attempt to cast haste (it can be interrupted) upon the entire group of hobgoblins they are associated with if a Hobgoblin Captain is part of the group and within visual range. They will then cast Mirror Image upon themselves before casting offensive spells Lightning Bolt and Agannazar's Scorcher. Their general script doesn't give them the ability to use the three Magic Missile spells in their spell book.

Should the Captain be killed before the Wizard is killed or the Wizard's hit points fall below 10, the Wizard will turn tail and escape the area.


Firkraag's Entrance[]

A Hobgoblin Wizard, Hobgoblin Archer, Hobgoblin Captain, Hobgoblin Shaman, two Hobgoblin Elites and Chieftain DigDag are stationed near internal entrance point inside of Firkraag's Entrance, waiting to ambush the party when they enter the area.

Firkraag's Maze[]

A Hobgoblin Wizard, along with two Archers, a Captain, a Shaman, and two Hobgoblin Warriors, will spawn in Firkraag's Maze in the area between the kitchen room with the Troll Cook and the circular room where the Otyugh devours the dungeon's refuse. They appear following the conversation with the cook.

Watcher's Keep[]

A Hobgoblin Wizard, Archer, Shaman, and Warrior will spawn from the globe machine on the Final Seal level the first time the red button is pressed.

Mod content[]

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises the wizard's escape script, and it only runs away if the Hobgoblin Leader is dead. The wizard opens up with a (previously cast) Armor (spell) and Mirror Image spell cast. The mage has a revised spell book of memorized arcane magic. it can attack with Color Spray, Ray of Enfeeblement, Hold Person (wizard), and Dire Charm.

Also, can cast Glitterdust, Charm Person and Power Word, Sleep. Has one use of Minor Spell Deflection which is triggered for use based on certain recognized actions by the party.