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Hobgoblin Warriors are only encountered in the Shadows of Amn campaign.

A Hobgoblin Warrior is a very meager step up from a typical hobgoblin found in Baldur's Gate. And unlike BG hobgoblins, they only come equipped with Leather Armor, while some BG hobgoblins are equipped with Studded Leather Armor.


Firkraag's Maze[]

Two Hobgoblin Warriors, along with two Hobgoblin Archers, a Hobgoblin Captain, a Hobgoblin Shaman, and a Hobgoblin Wizard will spawn in Firkraag's Maze in the area between the kitchen room with the Troll Cook and the circular room where the Otyugh devours the dungeon's refuse. They appear following the conversation with the cook.

Watcher's Keep[]

A Hobgoblin Warrior, Archer, Shaman, and Wizard will spawn from the globe machine in Watcher's Keep Final Seal the first time the red button is pressed.