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A Hobgoblin Shaman is only encountered in the Shadows of Amn campaign.

Hobgoblin Shaman's are hobgoblins that have obtained the skills necessary to cast cleric spells. They are equipped with Studded Leather Armor and swing a Mace in melee combat. They have a relatively high 39 hit points but give up a paltry 35 XP.


Firkraag's Entrance[]

A Hobgoblin Shaman, Hobgoblin Archer, Hobgoblin Captain, two Hobgoblin Elites, Hobgoblin Wizard and Chieftain DigDag are stationed near internal entrance point inside of Firkraag's Entrance, waiting to ambush the party when they enter the area.

Firkraag's Maze[]

A Hobgoblin Shaman, along with two Archers, a Captain, a Wizard, and two Hobgoblin Warriors, will spawn in Firkraag's Maze in the area between the kitchen room with the Troll Cook and the circular room where the Otyugh devours the dungeon's refuse. They appear following the conversation with the cook.


A Hobgoblin Shaman is found lurking within the sewers beneath the Slums District.

Watcher's Keep[]

A Hobgoblin Shaman, Archer, Warrior, and Wizard will spawn from the globe machine on the Final Seal level the first time the red button is pressed.

Wild Forest[]

A Hobgoblin Shaman, a Captain and four Elite's are found lurking within the Wild Forest area.


A very weak spell caster creature, the Shaman will however attempt to do its best to assist its Hobgoblin companions and itself.

The cleric is scripted to force cast (it isn't interruptible) a Bless at the start of combat, and this may boost nearby allies with a slight divine boon.

The script programs the creature to move away from enemies, so it isn't engaged in melee, and can continue with more spell casting. Offensively all it can do is try a Hold Person (priest) spell, and if an enemy spell caster class is seen may attempt a low powered Dispel Magic (priest).

As far as self-preservation is concerned, it can try and apply Cure Light Wounds when damaged to a preset threshold. The shaman can also try to apply a Sanctuary, and then heal self with the cure light wounds.


The shaman has the worst morale recovery statistic in the entire Baldur's Gate game series. Most likely this is a mistyped developer value.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Thw Sword Coast Stratagems mod assigns a new AI script to the Shaman. It also changes the memorized spells to just Bless, Cure Medium Wounds and Remove Fear.

The shaman will attempt to cast Bless when an enemy is detected at 20' distance. Multiple cure medium wounds spell casts are scripted at different damage points, on self or allies. A Remove fear will be attempted as well, as a preventive measure against the Panic effect, or as a counter to it if allies are, for example, hit with Spook or Horror.