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Hobgoblin Archers are found in Firkraag's Entrance (HOBARC01.cre), Firkraag's Maze (HOBARC01/02), and on the fifth level of Watcher's Keep (HOBARC02.cre) during the Shadows of Amn campaign.


The majority of stats for both creatures are the same. Only the differences are listed in the bottom infobox for creature HOBARC02.


Firkraag's Entrance[]

A Hobgoblin Archer, Hobgoblin Captain, two Hobgoblin Elites, Hobgoblin Shaman, Hobgoblin Wizard and Chieftain DigDag are stationed near internal entrance point, waiting for the party to enter the area.

Firkraag's Maze[]

Two Hobgoblin Archers, along with a Captain, Shaman, Wizard, and two Hobgoblin Warriors, will spawn in the area between the kitchen room with the Troll Cook and the circular room where the Otyugh devours the dungeon's refuse. They appear following the conversation with the cook.

Watcher's Keep[]

A Hobgoblin Archer, Shaman, Warrior, and Wizard will spawn from the globe machine on the Final Seal level the first time the red button is pressed.

Note: Three Goblin Commandos located in the Kobold Room within Spellhold share the same stats and equipment as the Hobgoblin archer (HOBARC01.cre).