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Hexxat's quotes presents lines spoken by Hexxat, together with the associated sound files.

Fully aware that most members of the party see her vampirism as an abomination, Hexxat seldom starts conversations with other adventurers and always keeps a polite, if sometimes cold, tone in all dialogues. She insists on being civil with others and think of herself as being a victim of circumstances, making her "occasional" killings of innocents a regrettable necessity and companions horrified by the fact bigots. She's indifferent towards men but is much more warmer with women, even ending up flirting with Viconia.

All clerics and paladins (as well as Mazzy) will try, to her chagrin, to get rid of her, as a vampire is considered by them a being of pure evil to destroy at all costs. The related conversations are the only companions clash dialogues where the player's ability scores can influence the outcome.

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With Aerie[]

Aerie: Do you think w-we don't know what you do at night, when we're sleeping?
Hexxat: Should I care?
Aerie: I've seen you. I've seen the stains. You... you kill people. Innocent people.
Hexxat: Occasionally. If I have to.
Aerie: You don't deserve to travel with us. You... you don't deserve anything at all.
Hexxat: I'm sorry you feel that way.
Aerie: I—what?
Hexxat: I would like to be your friend, Aerie. But I am what I am. When you are ready to accept that, please, come speak to me again. For now, I bid you good <DAY/NIGHT>.

Hexxat: Can I help you, Aerie?
Aerie: What? No! No.
Hexxat: Forgive me. You look like you've something on your mind. Something you'd like to say to me, perhaps?
Aerie: Say to you? I— No. No. Sorry.
Hexxat: For what?
Aerie: For— I'm sorry?
Hexxat: What are you apologizing for? You've done nothing wrong.
Aerie: I don't know— I—I just...
Hexxat: Feel sorry.
Aerie: Yes. I guess.
Hexxat: You're my friend, Aerie. I don't want you to be sorry. I want you to be happy.
Aerie: You think we're friends?
Hexxat: Aren't we?
Aerie: No— I— Maybe? No—you're a vampire.
Hexxat: There's not much I can do about that.
Aerie: Yes, but—I can't talk to you about this.
Hexxat: That's a shame—I'm better qualified to talk about it than most. I see I'm making you nervous—now I'm the one who must apologize.
Aerie: No, don't— I mean—
Hexxat: I'll go now. If you stop being sorry and want to talk to me about—anything, really—by all means, let me know.
Aerie: Thank you?

Throne of Bhaal only :

Aerie: I would have words with you, vampire.
Hexxat: Please, Aerie. Call me Hexxat.
Aerie: Hexxat was a woman who died two hundred years ago. You are an abomination—one I'll no longer suffer to live.
Hexxat: Your suffering will end soon, I promise you that. *attacks Aerie*

With Anomen[]

Anomen: Your dusky beauty is compelling, Hexxat.
Hexxat: I'm glad you think so.
Anomen: But it cannot hide the darkness within you.
Hexxat: There is no darkness within me, Anomen. I am just a woman making her way in the world.
Anomen: You are a devil in disguise. I should slay you where you stand.
Hexxat: I'd rather you didn't.
1. Player: I'd also rather you didn't.
Anomen: This cannot be allowed to continue, <CHARNAME>. The vixen must go, now—or I shall.
1. Player: Nice knowing you, Anomen.
Anomen: You're making a mistake, <CHARNAME>.
1. Player: It won't be the first.
2. Player: Time will tell.
3. Player: The only mistake I've made is not sending you packing days ago. Begone.
Anomen: (same reply to all) When you realize the error you've made, you know where to find me. *leaves party*
2. Player: I'm sorry, Hexxat. A team like this needs unity, and your very presence is at odds with it.
Hexxat: As you wish. If you change your mind, you know where to find me. *leaves party*
3. Player: There's but one way to settle this: trial by combat.
Hexxat:I'll not fight for your entertainment.
1. Player: A shame. Be off with you, then.
Hexxat: As you wish. If you (...) *leaves party*
2. Player: Aww. Are you sure?
Hexxat: Quite.
1. Player: If you don't value my company enough to fight for it, then I guess we're finished.
Hexxat: As you wish. If you (...) *leaves party*
2. Player: Hexxat makes better company than you, Anomen. I'm afraid this is where we part ways.
Anomen: You're making a mistake (...) *leaves party*
2. Player: Keep your sword in your sheath, Anomen. Hexxat's a friend.
Anomen: This monster is no friend of mine.
Hexxat: Give me a chance to change that, Anomen. I promise you won't regret it.
Anomen: Perhaps— No! You'll not tempt me, witch!
1. Player: I'm pretty sure she just did.
2. Player: Really? THIS is the temptation you choose not to succumb to? I don't get you, Anomen.
3. Player: Your loss.
Anomen: This cannot be allowed to continue (...) (same answer for all replies) *either Anomen or Hexxat leaves party*
3. Player: I'd like to see him try.
Hexxat:I'll not fight for your entertainment. (...) *either Anomen or Hexxat leaves party*

Throne of Bhaal only :

Hexxat: There are few things we agree on, you and I.
Anomen: Very few.
Hexxat: The Bhaalspawn threat must be eradicated, though. We are of one mind on that?
Anomen: Yes.
Hexxat: Then focus on killing the enemy, Anomen. Not on those who stand by your side.
Anomen: I'd rather you not stand by my side.
Hexxat: Yet here I am.
Anomen: Here we are.
Hexxat: Well?
Anomen: Fine. But only until this is sorted. Then... we will see.

With Cernd[]

Cernd: I would speak with you, <CHARNAME>.
1. Player: You not only would, you are.
Cernd: I am concerned.
1. Player: With what?
2. Player: So am I, though I doubt we're concerned about the same things.
3. Player: I am not. I am particularly unconcerned with your concerns.
Cernd: This vampire you have taken to your bosom endangers us all. She is an affront to the natural order.
Hexxat: I couldn't help but overhear.
1. Player: You have sharp ears.
Hexxat: You have to, in my line of work.
I gather my presence concerns you, Cernd?
Cernd: This cannot surprise you.
Hexxat: Few things do anymore. Tell me of this natural order I am an affront to.
Cernd: That which is dead should not yet live.
Hexxat: And yet I do live.
Cernd: You exist, and that is... problematic.
Hexxat: Surely my existence is proof that your understanding of the natural order is flawed.
Cernd: How so?
Hexxat: Nature encompasses all. To go against it is to become a part of it. If I were truly unnatural, I could not be.
Cernd: You are clever, Hexxat. But clever will only get you so far.
2. Player: A common complaint of those who eavesdrop.
Hexxat: Old habits die hard.
1. Player: They aren't the only thing.
Hexxat: I gather my presence (...)
2. Player: Especially when no effort's been made to kill them.
Hexxat: I gather my presence (...)
3. Player: No bad thing when they're useful ones.
Hexxat: As perceptive as always, <CHARNAME>.
I gather my presence (...)
3. Player: And then you couldn't help but interject.
Hexxat: It seemed fair, seeing as I was the topic under discussion.
I gather my presence (...)
2. Player: If you must.
Cernd: This vampire you have taken (...)
3. Player: Is there anything I can do to convince you not to?
Cernd: I am concerned. This vampire you have taken (...)

With Dorn[]

If no romance with Dorn has started:

Dorn: Tell me, Hexxat. Is it true what I have heard about vampires and stamina?
Hexxat: It is.
Dorn: And appetite?
Hexxat: Get to the point, Dorn.
Dorn: Perhaps you and I could come to an... arrangement.
Hexxat: No.
Dorn: You would deny me?
Hexxat: I think I just did.
Dorn: You don't know what you're missing.
Hexxat: Somehow, I shall find the strength to carry on.

Throne of Bhaal only, if Hexxat hasn't finished her TOB quest :

Dorn: You are making a mistake.
Hexxat: Oh?
Dorn: Don't play the fool with me, vampire.
Hexxat: It is not your place to judge my decisions, blackguard.
Dorn: (if Dorn swore loyalty to a demon) I say it is. You are making a mistake, one you will regret 'til the end of your all-too-mortal—
Dorn: (if Dorn didn't swear loyalty to a demon) I am a blackguard no longer. I saw the folly of my ways and corrected them. You would do well to follow my example.
Hexxat: Enough! My decision is made. Neither you nor any other will sway me from my path.

With Edwin[]

If Hexxat is wearing the Cloak of Dragomir :

Edwin: This cloak of yours interests me, my dear.
Hexxat: This rag?
Edwin: It's far more than that. May I see it?
Hexxat: You're seeing it now.
Edwin: I meant may I examine it closely?
Viconia: (if in party) Oh, this should be good.
Hexxat: I'd rather you didn't.
Edwin: Hah! You're a smart monkey. I'd not let anyone fondle my possessions either. It's a shame, though... I would like to check that cloak out.

Throne of Bhaal only, if Hexxat is wearing the Cloak of Dragomir :

Hexxat: No.
Edwin: But—
Hexxat: Hands off.
Edwin: By the gods, vampire, you—
Hexxat: I said no!
Edwin: Five minutes! That is all I ask! Five minutes!
Hexxat: Not five minutes, not one minute, not one godsdamned second. The answer is no.
Edwin: (Cursed undead banshee, can she not see what advancements I could make with that cloak?! Bah!)
(Maybe I could just take a sample... a corner, perhaps? Hmmm...)

With Haer'Dalis[]

Haer'Dalis: Tell me of your nest, my dark dove.
Hexxat: What would you know?
Haer'Dalis: All that there is to know. You flew here from Mezro?
Hexxat: I took a boat.
Haer'Dalis: What winds blew you here?
Hexxat: Ill winds. I prefer not to speak of them.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Haer'Dalis: Why is it you still travel with <CHARNAME>, my ebon dove?
Hexxat: <CHARNAME> is helping me complete a task. You know this.
Haer'Dalis: A task you could complete on your own, I would imagine.
Hexxat: Perhaps, perhaps not. In my experience, one can never have too many friends.
Haer'Dalis: Why are you here, truly, Hexxat? What part of the story have you left untold?
Hexxat: I am an open book, Haer'Dalis, to anyone with the eyes to see.

With Imoen[]

Imoen: Heya, Hexxat. Can I talk to you?
Hexxat: Of course, Imoen. What can I do for you?
Imoen: I'm—not sure. I just thought you might be able to—help me?
Hexxat: With what?
Imoen: You know. What happened in Spellhold. Losing my soul. I thought—
Hexxat: I think I know what you thought.
Imoen: Well...?
Hexxat: I wish I had more to offer, Imoen. I sympathize with your plight—how could I not? But though I've been undead for centuries, it's still largely a new experience for me, thanks to the circumstances of my turning.
Imoen: I understand. Maybe you can tell me this, though. Do you ever get used to it? Does it get easier?
Hexxat: Yes. It does.
Imoen: Thank you. That helps a lot, it really does.
1. Player: Was that true, Hexxat? Does it get easier?
Hexxat: It's what she needed to hear. With luck, she'll never have to find out.
2. Player: It was good of you to say that.
Hexxat: I can be a good person when the occasion calls for it. Unfortunately, such occasions are few and far between.
3. Player: Why did you lie to Imoen, Hexxat?
Hexxat: She'd find little solace in the truth. I told her what she needed to hear.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: Would you like a donut, Hexxat?
Hexxat: Thank you, but no.
Imoen: You don't like donuts?
OH. Right. Vampire. Can't eat normal-people food.
It's just so easy to forget sometimes. You seem so... normal.
Hexxat: I'm glad someone can forget, if only momentarily. It's a luxury I am, regrettably, not afforded.

Throne of Bhaal only, after Hexxat finished her TOB quest :

Imoen: Can I ask you something, Hexxat?
Hexxat: Of course.
Imoen: Do you hate yourself?
Er. That came out wrong. What I meant to say was—
Hexxat: I know what you meant.
Imoen: Well...?
Hexxat: Would you enjoy it? Never dying, never enjoying food, never feeling the sun on your face? Never feeling warmth.
Imoen: No. I don't think I would. But there's more to it than that, isn't there?
Hexxat: Oh yes. Much more.

With Jaheira[]

Jaheira: You should know that I neither trust nor like you, Hexxat.
Hexxat: I'd have been happier simply suspecting as much.
Jaheira: <CHARNAME> seems to like you well enough, and I have great respect for <HIM/HER>.
Hexxat: As do I.
Jaheira: I know you did not seek to become what you are. I will try to look past it as best I can.
Hexxat: Thank you, Jaheira. I shall try to prove myself worthy of your respect.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Jaheira: I must admit you have surprised me, vampire.
Hexxat: Oh?
Jaheira: I expected you to betray us at the earliest opportunity. Yet you still remain by <CHARNAME>'s side.
Hexxat: I would feel the same in your position.
Jaheira: I would still slay you, given the opportunity.
Hexxat: I'll be sure to bear that in mind.
Jaheira: But for now... I am willing to accept your place in the party.
Hexxat: That means a lot to me, Jaheira. Sincerely. Thank you.

With Jan[]

Jan: Wait a second. Wait one second.
1. Player: I'll give you two.
Hexxat: What can I do for you, Master Jansen?
Jan: You've done plenty already.
Hexxat: Forgive me. I don't understand what you're talking about.
Korgan: (if in party) Join the club, lassie!
Jan: Let me tell you a story, vampire.
Viconia: (if in party) Get comfortable, Hexxat. This may take a while.
Jan: It's about a lovely girl named Yanna Jojannsen.
Hexxat: Ah. I think I know this story.
1. Player: I don't.
Jan: A lovely girl was Yanna. With delicate, nimble fingers. She had a great future ahead of her, or so it seemed to everyone who met her.
And then she started talking about the tomb of this raging monster called Dragomir. About how great treasure could be found there.
Her family tried to talk her out of going there, of course, but it was all for naught. One night, she vanished, never to return.
1. Player: Oh no. You're saying this Yanna was one of Hexxat's victims?
Jan: She was my niece, and this, this, this VAMPIRE lured her to her doom.
Hexxat: I am deeply sorry for your loss.
Jan: Sorry? I'll show you sorry!
Hexxat: There was nothing personal in what I did. I sought only to survive.
1. Player: We all do what we must to survive, Jan.
Jan: Tell it to my sister, <CHARNAME>. Oh wait, you can't—she died soon after Yanna, broken by her daughter's loss.
I've seen many a monster in my time, but this—this THING has no place walking the world. Not while my niece lies dead.
2. Player: We all do things we regret from time to time.
Jan: Regret?
Tell it to my sister (...)
3. Player: Perfectly understandable.
Jan: Understandable?
Tell it to my sister (...)
2. Player: Would anyone care to tell it to me?
Jan: A lovely girl was Yanna. (...)
3. Player: I couldn't care less about this story.
Jan: She was my niece, and this, this, this VAMPIRE (...)
2. Player: What's the matter, Jan?
Jan:Hexxat! (...)
3. Player: I wait for no one and nothing.
Jan:You can go where you will, <CHARNAME>. It's not you I wish to speak to.
Hexxat! (...)

With Keldorn[]

Keldorn: A vampire, <CHARNAME>? Truly? Is this what we've come to?
Hexxat: I am disappointed, Master Firecam. I thought you a more chivalrous spirit.
Keldorn: You'd see another man completely, were you human.
Hexxat: But, through no desire of my own, I am not.
Keldorn: You are an aberration. An abomination that must be destroyed.
1. Player: Hexxat is a friend, Keldorn.
Keldorn: If this is a friend, then you are a fool. A damned fool.
Hexxat: You are too quick to judge me, paladin. Give me time. I'll prove my worth.
Keldorn: I KNOW your worth, monster.
Hexxat: Your close-mindedness blinds you to a valuable ally. A pity. I thought better of you, Firecam.
Keldorn: I care not what a vampire thinks of me.
Hexxat: You talk to him, <CHARNAME>. I can see there's nothing I can say to change his mind.
1. Player: I'm afraid he's right, Hexxat. I know you mean me no harm, but your very nature poses a grave threat to me and mine. You should go.
Hexxat: A mistake. One you'll come to regret, I promise you.
But if it is your wish, very well. I shall go. *leaves party*
Keldorn: Letting her go was a mistake, <CHARNAME>.
1. Player: I thought you wanted her gone.
Keldorn: Without you to hold her back, who knows what she will do? You should have destroyed her when you had the opportunity.
1. Player: You would have me murder someone who's done nothing against me?
Keldorn: You cannot murder that which does not live. Whatever pain she causes now, it's on your head.
2. Player: Well, it's too late now. Where were you thirty seconds ago? *ends conversation*
3. Player: Be silent, paladin, or I'll take this opportunity to destroy you.
Keldorn: (if the player has more than 15 in Charisma and Strength) Her crimes are on your head now, <CHARNAME>. I hope you can live with it.
Keldorn: (if the player has 15 or less Charisma and Strength) I'd hate for you to miss your chance, <CHARNAME>. Have at you! *attacks the player*
2. Player: I could call her back.
Keldorn: You misunderstand me. I do not want her as an ally. I want her wiped from the face of the realms.
Without you to hold her back (...)
3. Player: You're right. I should have let you go instead. But what's done is done.
Keldorn: Without you to hold her back (...)
2. Player: Yes. I believe he sees intractability as a noble quality.
Keldorn: There is no sin in it if your cause is righteous.
1. Player: Your close-mindedness will be the death of you, Keldorn. But it'll not be the death of me. Leave us.
Keldorn: You choose this vampire's company over mine? So be it.
But know this: The crimes she will doubtless commit are on your head, <CHARNAME>.
Farewell. *leaves party*
2. Player: Your version of righteousness and mine bear little resemblance to one another, I fear. But you are right. We are better off without Hexxat.
Hexxat: You would have me leave?
A mistake (...)
3. Player: If your cause is righteous, then you have no choice but to strike her down.
Hexxat: Come now. We are civilized people here. We can—
Keldorn: Back to the Hell from whence you came, demon! *attacks Hexxat*
3. Player: There's clearly but one way to resolve this. I think it's time for a fight to the death.
Hexxat: Come now (...)
2. Player: I would not see you destroyed, Hexxat.
Hexxat: I am very glad to hear it.
1. Player: But Keldorn is right. I cannot risk allowing a vampire in our midst.
Hexxat: You would have me leave? (...)
2. Player: If you will not accept Hexxat as one of our number, Keldorn, then you will have to leave.
Keldorn: You choose this vampire's company over mine? (...)
3. Player: But I'll not stand in Keldorn's way. It's apparent the two of you cannot coexist. I see only one way to resolve the issue.
Hexxat: Your perspective is too limited, <CHARNAME>. I see a multitude of options—
Keldorn: Back to the Hell from whence you came (...)
3. Player: If that's the way you feel, then do what you must.
Hexxat: Come now (...)

Throne of Bhaal only, at dusk or during night :

Keldorn: Your arm is covered in blisters, vampire. A little slow on the uptake yesterday morning?
Hexxat: It's nothing.
Keldorn: It hardly looks like nothing. I'm just sorry you weren't a little slower, to save me the trouble of dealing with you when this is done.
Hexxat: Your concern is touching, paladin.
Keldorn: My concern is for my friends and my god. You are an affront to everything I hold dear.
Hexxat: If there were anything I could do to change that, I would. I'm afraid it's out of my hands.
Keldorn: Your hands, perhaps. But not mine. Make peace with your fate, dead woman.
Hexxat: I'll go do that... over there, if it's all the same to you.

With Korgan[]

Korgan: Ho there, wench. I've a mighty appetite this <DAY/NIGHT>.
Hexxat: A situation with which I'm all too familiar.
Korgan: Aye, well, perhaps ye can help me out wi' this. See, I be cravin' somethin' specific.
Hexxat: And what is that?
Korgan: Meat. DARK meat. If ye know what I mean.
Hexxat: Hmm. Perhaps we could come to an arrangement.
Korgan: Oh, aye?
Hexxat: I am also craving something.
Korgan: Oh, I just bet ye are.
Hexxat: And when I crave something... I lose control. I can't get enough of it.
Korgan: I like the sounds o' that.
Hexxat: I'm unstoppable. I drink and I drink until my cup is empty.
Korgan: Yer cup.
Hexxat: Or tankard. Whatever I'm drinking out of. How much do you weigh?
Korgan: What?
Hexxat: I've never tasted dwarf blood before. I'm used to... larger meals. I wonder how much blood you could spare? And if it's as delicious as you make it seem, whether I could stop myself before you were drained dry.
Korgan: I, er. Hm.
Hexxat: Still want a taste of dark meat?
Korgan: ...
Gimme some time. I'll have to think on that one.
Hexxat: You do that.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Korgan: I don't like ye, vampire.
Hexxat: Many don't.
Korgan: However chummy ye be gettin' with th' others, there'll always be one here watchin' ye.
Hexxat: More than one, I think.
Korgan: Ye fain even look at me funny an' I'll take t' sleepin' with a stake under me bedroll.
Hexxat: Sleep with it atop your bedroll, dwarf. Keep it beneath and you'll never reach it in time.
Not that you'll ever need it. But if you did... Yes, best to keep it on top.

With Mazzy[]

Mazzy: I've held my tongue long enough—for too long, if the truth be known.
1. Player: Mazzy? Is everything all right?
Mazzy: Nothing is right! Nothing can be right while we count this vile creature among our number.
Dorn: (if present in party) You have a problem with me?
Mazzy: Many. But all are dwarfed by my issues with the vampire.
Korgan: (if present in party) Hey! I'm standin' right here, ye halfling god-botherer!
Hexxat: You have some issue with my presence?
Mazzy: You are a creature of darkness. You should not be allowed to walk the earth, much less walk it at <CHARNAME>'s and my side.
Hexxat: You are too quick to judge—
Mazzy: Your smooth tongue may have won over the others, Hexxat. But I see clearly.
1. Player: I'm not sure you do.
Mazzy: She's blinded you, <CHARNAME>—turned you down the path to darkness.
1. Player: Hexxat is my friend.
Mazzy: (if the player has more than 16 Charisma) This—THING—is no friend of mine. If you stand with her, then you will stand forever without me. *leaves party*
Hexxat: Farewell, Mazzy. I am sorry it came to this.
I really am sorry, <CHARNAME>. I wish there were something I could do to make people like her see me as who I am rather than what they believe me to be.
1. Player: The day may come when such bigotry is no longer accepted.
Hexxat: It can't come soon enough.
2. Player: Nobody said being an undead creature of the night would be easy.
Hexxat: Would that I could be so casual in the face of such unthinking hatred as you, <CHARNAME>.
1. Player: What can I say? It's a gift. *ends conversation*
2. Player: You know what they say, Hexxat: practice, practice, practice. *ends conversation*
3. Player: Casual? Nay. The hatred of others inspires me to greater and greater feats—to stymie those who would see me fall is the greatest pleasure.
Hexxat: An intriguing philosophy. I'll reflect upon it.
3. Player: Forget the halfling. We are stronger without her.
Hexxat: Would that I could ignore such unthinking hatred as easily as you, <CHARNAME>.
Mazzy: (if the player has 16 or less Charisma) You call this thing friend?
Then bid your friend farewell! *attacks Hexxat*
2. Player: You're the blind one, Mazzy. Blind with hatred.
Mazzy: I see clearly—would that you could say the same.
This—THING—is no friend of mine (...)
3. Player: I was walking that path long before I encountered Hexxat.
Mazzy: Then keep walking it—without me. *leaves party*
2. Player: Peace, Mazzy. We are friends here, are we not?
Mazzy: This—THING—is no friend of mine (...)
3. Player: If you see so clearly, then why do you not act?
Mazzy: For your sake, <CHARNAME>. But if you've no objection, I'll be happy to deal with this now.
Hexxat: You won't be so happy when this is done, halfling. *attacks Mazzy*
2. Player: Well, hold it no longer! What's the problem?
Mazzy: The problem is the monster you've taken to your breast.
Hexxat: You have some issue with my presence? (...)
3. Player: I can tell there'll be no holding it back now.
Mazzy: You have invited a viper into our midst. It cannot stand!
Hexxat: You have some issue with my presence? (...)

Throne of Bhaal only :

Hexxat: Thank you, Mazzy.
Mazzy: You have nothing to thank me for.
Hexxat: I saw what you did in that last fight. You put yourself in harm's way to protect me.
Mazzy: That was for <CHARNAME>, not you. As long as <HE/SHE> needs you, I will treat you like any other member of our party.
Hexxat: I appreciate it.
Mazzy: I am not required to be anything beyond cordial, however. I've no desire to speak with you unless it concerns the welfare of our group.
Hexxat: I'm sorry to hear that.
Mazzy: I am sorry to say it. But it's the truth nevertheless.

With Minsc[]

Minsc: Are you sure...? She's—well, you know.
She SEEMS nice, yes, but still—vampire.
Hexxat: My ears are burning.
Minsc: No, they aren't.
Hexxat: You mentioned a vampire.
Minsc: I was talking to Boo.
Hexxat: Ah. I see. And what did Boo say?
Minsc: Boo says you aren't what you seem.
Hexxat: Few people are. Your miniaturized giant space hamster is wise.
Minsc: You... RECOGNIZE giant space hamsters?
Hexxat: Of course.
Minsc: Boo is right. You aren't a normal vampire.
Hexxat: I try not to be. They're rather unpleasant creatures, as a rule.
Minsc: Maybe it's all right that you're with us after all.
Hexxat: You thought otherwise?
Minsc: Well. You're a vampire.
Hexxat: I understand. And what does Boo think?
Minsc: Boo thinks... you're all right.
Hexxat: Has Boo steered you wrong yet?
Minsc: No! Never!
Hexxat: Perhaps you should listen to him now, then.
Minsc: Yes. I'll do that.
Hexxat: Thank you for telling me about the madman's hamster, <CHARNAME>.
1. Player: I didn't realize you'd use the information to take advantage of him.
Hexxat: Take advantage of him? Not at all. I merely seek to ensure relations between me and your friends don't turn sour. Some have... issues with my nature. I'd rather Minsc not be one of them.
Player: Just make sure he doesn't find out you can't tell a giant space hamster from a dormouse.
Hexxat: But I can.
Player: You can?
Hexxat: A dormouse can't speak.
Player: ...
2. Player: Minsc? Mad? He's as sane as you or I!
Hexxat: I hope you're joking.
<CHARNAME>? You are joking, aren't you?
3. Player: Anything to keep the peace. *ends conversation*

With Nalia[]

Hexxat: May I have a word, Nalia?
Nalia: Of course, Hexxat. What can I do for you?
Hexxat: You can stop looking through my things when you think I'm too preoccupied to notice.
Nalia: I don't know what you're talking about.
Hexxat: Did you know vampires have a highly developed sense of smell?
Nalia: I did know that. I forgot about it temporarily, but it was something I was aware of, at one point.
Hexxat: Is there something you'd like to say to me?
Nalia: ...
I'm sorry I went through your things.
Hexxat: What did you hope to find? You must know I'd keep anything of true value on my person.
Nalia: I wasn't going to ROB you.
Hexxat: You weren't?
Nalia: No! I just wanted to—see what sort of things you carried. I wanted to see if they were as, as—exotic as you are.
Hexxat: And?
Nalia: They weren't. It was just a normal pack.
Hexxat: I'm sorry to have disappointed you.
Next time you would know something of me—of anyone, really—just ask. To do otherwise is just... rude.
Nalia: Rude?!
I mean—I'm sorry. Next time, I'll do as you say.
Hexxat: Good.

Hexxat: You remind me of an old friend. She was much like you... naive, optimistic. Altruistic.
It did her no good in the end.
Nalia: You're an evil woman.
Hexxat: Not evil, Nalia. Just realistic.
Nalia: You know, you talk as though the world has done you some great wrong, and the women you killed somehow deserved what you did to them. Do you know what I think?
I think you're lying to yourself. Because it's easier than facing the truth of your own existence. I think you're pathetic. And this conversation is over.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Hexxat: You've become quite the archmage, Nalia.
Nalia: What do you want?
Hexxat: To offer some advice. You are powerful, but do not—
Nalia: I can do without your advice, thank you.
Hexxat: Nothing good comes of hubris, mage. Remember that.

With Neera[]

Neera: So... what does blood taste like, Hexxat?
Hexxat: Have you ever sucked on your own wound or had a cut in your mouth? It tastes like that.
Neera: I thought it'd be different for vampires. I guess it could be an acquired taste, but it's so—coppery? It has this weird tang.
Hexxat: You get used to it.
Neera: Are vampires like cats? I've heard that cats taste through smell!
Hexxat: No. We're not like cats.
Neera: Ah, all right. Rude of me to pry. It must be a—um—very private experience.
Hexxat: I could share it with you.
Neera: What? NO! No. I mean—sorry. No. I just, um. Not that there's anything wrong with it, of course—well, there kind of is if someone dies maybe, but two consenting adults and all that... No. Sorry. No.
Hexxat: As you wish.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: You know, Hexxat, you've never told us how old you actually are.
Hexxat: You are very observant.
Neera: Oh.
All right then.
But if you don't mind my asking—
Hexxat: Have I mentioned how observant you are recently, Neera?
Neera: Yeah, all right. I get it.
I guess I'll talk to you later, then.

With Rasaad[]

Rasaad: May I speak with you, Hexxat?
Hexxat: It's never too late to start.
Rasaad: I'm sorry?
Hexxat: I couldn't help but notice you were... less than eager to speak with me before now.
Rasaad: Please forgive me, Hexxat. I did not want—
Hexxat: I know what you did not want, Rasaad. The question is what you do want.
Rasaad: What is it like? Being a vampire, I mean.
Hexxat: Considering a walk on the dark side?
Rasaad: No! I mean—
You are teasing me. Aren't you?
Hexxat: A little bit. I am curious as to why you ask.
Rasaad: My brother... He is dead.
Hexxat: I heard. I am truly sorry for your loss.
Rasaad: I wonder, sometimes—if it were possible—if I could just see him one more time—
Hexxat: You would see him returned? As an undead, perhaps?
Rasaad: What? No! Never.
Hexxat: This is good. Let me tell you what it is to be unliving, Rasaad.
It's cold. And dark, and hard. But mostly, it's cold.
If you want my advice, it is this: Let your brother lie. You'll both be happier that way.
Rasaad: Thank you, Hexxat.
Hexxat: It was my pleasure. If there's anything else I can do for you, you know where to find me.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Hexxat: Still suspicious, Rasaad? Don't you think if I wanted your blood, I'd have taken it by now?
Rasaad: Perhaps you are just biding your time, waiting for the right moment to strike.
Hexxat: Rest easy. I would never partake of a friend of <CHARNAME>—at least, not uninvited. It would be... discourteous.
Rasaad: Courtesy is not something I'd expect from a vampire.
Hexxat: It is, however, something I'd expect from a Selûnite monk. Expectations are such slippery things, aren't they?

With Sarevok[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Hexxat: So it was you who caused <CHARNAME> so much trouble on the Sword Coast.
Sarevok: Bringing order to the Sword Coast is considered "trouble" now, is it?
Hexxat: History is written by the victors.
Sarevok: And how will your history be written, vampire?
Hexxat: None have written of me yet; I doubt any will start now. In death I shall be no different than I was in life: in the shadows, forgotten, naught but whispers and secrets.
Sarevok: How terribly, terribly boring.

With Valygar[]

Valygar: You are smiling, creature.
Hexxat: I am. What of it?
Valygar: What have you to smile about?
Hexxat: Since you started speaking to me, I honestly cannot recall.
Valygar: You are a murderer. A monster.
Hexxat: You do me a disservice.
Valygar: What you did while trapped in Dragomir's Tomb was unforgivable. You are no better than the malign being that possessed my ancestor, Lavok, and laid my bloodline low.
Hexxat: Ah, I see now. You are looking for someone to blame for Lavok's fall.
Valygar: How many women, how many innocent girls, did you drag to their deaths while you wore Dragomir's Casque? Two? Five? A dozen? A hundred?
Hexxat: What would you have done in my place, Valygar? Would you have submitted to your fate, laid silent with the worms for all eternity? Aware of time passing above you but unwilling to take action for fear some innocent naif might be hurt?
If so, I prithee forgive me. You are far more noble than I. I wanted to live.
Valygar: Warm blood courses through the veins of the living. All that moves through your body is cold, dark magic.
I call you abomination. You should be destroyed.
Hexxat: Come and try it, then.
1. Player: Enough! I'll not tolerate this discord.
Valygar: Then you must rid yourself of this vile parasite.
1. Player: I'll not cast Hexxat aside, for you or anyone. She has earned my respect.
Valygar: Everything she's done has been at the expense of those who sought to help her—or were forced to.
1. Player: She did what she had to to survive. If you've a problem with that—deal with it.
Valygar: There will be no peace for us, <CHARNAME>. Not while this thing walks among us. *leaves party*
Hexxat: It was nice talking to you, Valygar. We must do it again some <DAY/NIGHT>.
2. Player: You make it sound like she had a choice.
Valygar: There's always a choice, <CHARNAME>. And letting this monster walk with us—by not cutting it down where it stands—you are making the wrong one.
3. Player: The weak invite exploitation.
Valygar: I thought better of you, <CHARNAME>.
There will be no peace for us (...)
2. Player: Vile parasite? Really?
Valygar: There will be no peace for us (...)
3. Player: I do not take orders from you, Valygar.
Valygar: How can you value this—thing? All she offers you—all she offers anyone—is doom. She helps you only so long as you serve her purposes. The second that changes, she will turn on you, as she has on everyone who ever helped her.
Everything she's done (...)
2. Player: Sheathe your claws, both of you. Save your venom for our enemies.
Valygar: You call a vampire friend?
1. Player: This one, I do.
Valygar: There will be no peace for us (...)
2. Player: A friend? Perhaps. Certainly an ally, and one I value greatly.
Valygar: How can you value this—thing (...)
3. Player: I call Hexxat a friend.
Valygar: I thought better of you (...)
3. Player: Take your best shot, Valygar. My money's on the vampire.
Valygar: Die and stay dead, fiend! *attacks Hexxat*

With Viconia[]

Hexxat: You carry yourself well, Viconia.
Viconia: I have to.
Hexxat: A woman must work doubly hard to prove herself in this world.
Viconia: And a drow triply so.
Hexxat: But you do so, with grace and poise.
Viconia: You don't do so badly yourself.
Hexxat: When it comes to battle, my skills are passable. There are other places where I positively excel.
Perhaps I could show you some time.
Viconia: What are you suggesting, precisely...?
Hexxat: Sometimes a woman needs the company of another woman.
The feel of another woman's flesh upon her own.
Is that clear enough for you?
Viconia: It is a shame your flesh is so cold, or for a moment, I might have been tempted.
Hexxat: Consider the possibilities, Viconia. You'd have no regrets come the morning, I promise you.
Viconia: I have heard such promises before. None have proved accurate.

Hexxat: You intrigue me, drow.
Viconia: My kind are usually reviled, killed on sight, hated. Intrigue is not a typical reaction.
Hexxat: Few things about me could be called typical.
Viconia: That much is abundantly obvious.

If there's no romance with Hexxat or Viconia going on :

Viconia: I seem to have captured your attention, Hexxat. Is my neck particularly appetizing this <DAY/NIGHT>?
Hexxat: Not just your neck.
Viconia: Tell me more.

Some time after the previous dialogue :

Viconia: We must talk, Hexxat.
Hexxat: If you wish. But I can think of other, more stimulating ways to occupy our time.
Viconia: This has been—amusing, vampire. But if you think it is more than that, you are mistaken.
Hexxat: Ah. That is regrettable, but not wholly unexpected.
Viconia: Will you be all right?
Hexxat: You flatter yourself, drow. I've endured worse hurts than this in my time.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Viconia: It seems we are spending more and more time away from cities, Hexxat. Don't you get hungry?
Hexxat: It can be difficult.
Viconia: I would imagine. With all these lovely throats on display. You must be starving.
Hexxat: It's nothing I can't handle. Unless you're offering...?
Viconia: Another time, perhaps. I rather enjoy the attention.
Hexxat: Watch yourself, drow. A vampire's attention can be a dangerous thing.

With Yoshimo[]

Yoshimo: Ah, my dark-skinned beauty, you must surely have a tale of ancient Mezro to while away the walking hours?
Hexxat: None that I would care to tell.
Yoshimo: Dark secrets, best forgotten?
Hexxat: Times and people long since dead.
Yoshimo: But surely there is something we could learn from those long gone—lessons to remember them by?
Hexxat: Who says I wish to remember them?

During the day :

Hexxat: Describe it to me.
Yoshimo: She gathers her skirts around her, red and orange and gold, as she glides proudly over the horizon. Clouds scud past, bowing in respect, reflecting her glory back to the world. She is beautiful today—
Hexxat: Stop. I've changed my mind.
Yoshimo: Very well.