Hexxat is a neutral evil vampire thief and a potential companion in Shadows of Amn LOGOSOA00001 Icon BG2EE.pngBaldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition – Shadows of Amn (2013)
This icon indicates content from the Shadows of Amn campaign of the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.
Throne of Bhaal LOGOTOB00001 Icon BG2EE.pngBaldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition – Throne of Bhaal (2013)
This icon indicates content from the Throne of Bhaal campaign of the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition[edit | edit source]

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

You must recruit Hexxat before Chapter 4, if you haven't met her before sailing to Brynnlaw, you miss the chance to recruit her. She can be found in Dragomir's Tomb entered from Athkatla Graveyard after accepting Clara's request in Copper Coronet in Slums.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Being a vampire, the only undead companion in game, Hexxat has several special abilities:

After joining she will ask Gorion's Ward to keep Dragomir's Respite, a Bag of Holding containing her coffin. When "killed" she takes gaseous form, goes to her coffin and regenerates in a few hours.

She comes equipped with a non-removable Hexxat's Amulet, which provides 1 HP/round regeneration, immunity to Charm, Domination, Panic, Berserk, Bleeding, Sleep, Paralysis, Poison, Poison Damage, Disease Level drain and Ability Score Drain not caused by illithids.[1]

Sun damages her however, but the Cloak of Dragomir allows her to travel under the sun, with penalties to her ability scores. She will refuse to use anti-undead items such as Daystar, the Burning Earth, or Protection From Undead.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A striking woman of Chultan descent, Hexxat holds her secrets dear. When pressed, she speaks in vague terms about her mother, a cleric of Ubtao, and the aunts who raised her. Of her life beyond childhood, she says nothing, other than that her immediate assignment was given her by someone known only as L. Discretion is a requirement of Hexxat's profession, and she prides herself on being a consummate professional.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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Follow my lead and do exactly as I say. Leader
I cannot go much further. It may be time to use Dragomir's Respite. Tired
Your life is less interesting than I thought it would be. Bored
Die quickly, fool! Battlecry1
Fall and stay fallen! Battlecry2
I hunger. Feed me! Battlecry3
Quickly, get me to Dragomir's Respite. Hurt
Dragomir's Respite... I need it... Dying
I dislike the wilderness. It lacks structure. Forest
Ah, yes. Civilization. I can work with this. City
You take the lead. I'll watch your back. Dungeon
Ah! The light, it's more than I can stand! Day
I used to love sunlight. But this is my time now. Night
Hmm. Select1
I am ready. Select2
What would you have me do? Select3
You are lucky I'm here. Select4
Fear not. I'm watching your back.


That's the best you can manage?


Very good. Action1
If that is what you want. Action2
Certainly. Action3
I can do that. Action4
As you wish. Action5
Impressive. Action6
Easy enough—if you know what you're doing. Action7
An unfortunate loss, but not a crippling one. To death-general
Leave it to me. Select rare1
Ha! That's how it's done. Select rare2
Oh, I AM good. Critical hit
Hold still, curse you! Critical miss
All right. The hard way it is. Target immune
I am strong, but there's a limit to how much I'll carry on your behalf. Inventory full
Too easy. Picked pocket
That's right. No one here but us shadows... Hidden in shadows
Blast! My attempt has failed! Spell disrupted
Someone's getting an unpleasant surprise. Set a trap

Dialogues[edit | edit source]

<CHARNAME>. Good to finally meet you.
I've no desire to fight you.
If we are going to work together, <CHARNAME>, there's something you need to know about me: There is nothing I won't do to stay alive. Nothing. Do you understand?

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal[edit | edit source]

She can be found in the Inn in Amkethran, where the sleeping area is.

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