Helping Tiris in Trademeet is a side quest. It can be started if the quests Animal trouble in Trademeet, Dealing with the Trademeet genies and Solve the "skinner" murders in the Bridge District have been completed.

  • Jenia will approach your party and ask you to help her son Tiris.
  • Go to Tiris' home in the north-west part of town and speak to Tiris. He will tell you that he and his girlfriend Raissa were attacked by a skinless man and by Rejiek, the murderer you drove out of the Athkatla Bridge District. He will also tell you that they still have Raissa.
  • Go to the south-west gate where you will meet a man named Darsidian Moor who is hunting the skinless creature. He will invite you to join in attacking them on the east side of town.
  • Go to the walled area on the east side of town where you will meet Darsidian again. He will tell you to quickly kill Rejiek before he regains consciousness.
  • Ask Darsidian Moor where the body of the skinless creature is and he and Rejiek will shed the skins they are wearing and attack you.
  • After you have defeated them, Raissa will wake up and take her skin from Rejiek's body. They turned her into a Skin Dancer like themselves! She will ask your party to cast Lesser Restoration or Greater Restoration on her to cure her. If you are in need of a scroll, you can buy one at the temple of Waukeen in Trademeet.
  • Return to Tiris' house. The parents will tell you that they have gone to get married and you receive +1 Reputation .
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