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The Helpful Man is an unnamed individual who is found in the Docks District within the city of Athkatla. He will approach the first member of the party that enters his line of sight and offer a friendly word or two in regards to the guild war between the Shadow Thieves and the Vampires. When the conversation is over he'll leave and disappear.


Hello there, friend. Sorry if I disturbed your chain of thought, but you looked new to the city, and I wondered if I might lend you a hand?

I look new? How do you mean?

I didn't mean anything bad by that. You just don't have the look of one of the locals. Shows in the way you wear your tunic, or maybe how you stand.

Just thought I'd offer a friendly word or two before you experienced otherwise. This place can treat newcomers quite rude sometimes.

Ahh, a welcoming committee of one. Very well, what words of advice do you have?

Oh, not much. I don't claim to be an authority or anything. Just like meeting new people. I say one thing though, I don't go out much at night.

We've got this thieves' guild, see? They ain't so bad, but there's another guild that's fighting them. I've seen people get caught in the middle, and it isn't pretty.

Mostly only happens at night though, and the city is so much more impressive during the day anyway.

Thanks for the word of warning. Anything else?

Nope. Have a good stay in Athkatla. Safe travels, friend.